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 Types for the New Century Exhibition


Members will be delighted to know that the 'Types for the New Century' exhibition, which was curated for the Stationers' Company by Will Hill of Anglia Ruskin University, and which launched at the Hall in 2012 has been travelling around the UK and Europe and is currently at the National Print Museum in Dublin until 19 November. The Irish Times has a video clip which you can access by clicking here.


New Members' Evening - Monday, 27 October 2014


After the two ceremonies (see other items for this date) the Hall filled with the new Freemen and Bursary Recipients, their parents and friends, who celebrated their success together with members of the Company and potential new members. There were about 150 people gathered around to hear the Master welcome them and talk a little about his life in the Company. Trevor Fenwick, Chairman of the Membership Development Committee also spoke and hoped that those who were considering membership would, as he had done, "get it", meaning that he saw how useful ,in all sorts of ways, membership could be and very importantly, how much fun! Then Caroline Kimbell, who had been made free of the Company last April, spoke of her 20 year journey to membership starting with her choral performances in the Hall at St Cecilia-tide, continuing through various appearances as a speaker at archive events and finally her pleasure at having become a member. Potential members should note that it doesn't normally take 20 years to get through the membership process! It was a lively and fun evening and resulted in several membership application packs being despatched. In the image above taken by Sophie Panteli you can see Caroline at the Lectern.

Bursary Recipients receive their certificates - Monday, 27 October 2014



In a ceremony preceding the New Members' Evening 2014 Bursary Recipients were presented with their certificates. They have, of course, all started their courses and we were delighted that they could find the time to come to the Hall which up to now had simply been the venue for their bursary interview. Now they are beginning to feel as if they belong here and it was good to see them exchanging notes with the 2013 bursary recipient cohort. In the photo above, taken by Sophie Panteli , you can see, from left to right, Victoria Haddock (MA in Conservation, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London), Annabelle Letten (MA in Multimedia Journalism, Centre for Journalism, University of Kent), Tavian Hunter (MA in Library and Information Studies, University College, London), Rose Henry (MA in Publishing Studies, City University, London), Claire Healy (MA in Digital Media, Goldsmiths, University of London) the Master, Salma Haidrani (MA in Magazine Journalism, City University, London), Sally Boulton (MA in Publishing, Oxford Brookes University), Lucy Roberson (MA in Publishing, (Anglia Ruskin University), Benjamin Goulder (MA in Publishing, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London), Andrew Scofield (MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, University of Westminster).

Freedom Ceremony - Monday, 27 October 2014


The Company was delighted to welcome 16 new Freemen last night at a Freedom ceremony which preceded the New Members' Evening. 14 of the new Freemen were the 2013 Bursary Winners who have now completed their Masters degrees and the other two are both lecturers so it was appropriate for them to be included in this ceremony which was very education -based. In the image above taken by Sophie Panteli you can see, from left to right, Molly Taylor (MA in Publishing, London College of Communication, University of the Arts), Oliver Griffin (MA in Magazine Journalism, City University, London), Scott Gallagher (MA in Photojournalism, University of Westminster), Sarah Hayes (MA in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management, Kings College, London), Mary Ann Kernan (Programme Director Publishing Studies, City University), Libby Earland (MA in Publishing Studies, City University, London), Jon Screaton (MA in Packaging Design, Sheffield Hallam University), Aislinn O'Connell (post-graduate research student at University College London researching the commercial and economic case for copyright), the Master, Mark Bland (Senior Lecturer in English, De Montfort University), Charlotte Marriott (MA in Conservation, Camberwell College of Arts University of the Arts London), Fiona Bradbury (MA in publishing Oxford Brookes University), Falk Busse (MA in Digital Media, Goldsmiths, University of London), Charlotte Middleton (MA in Library and Information Studies University College, London), Rebecca Wojturska (MA in Publishing, Anglia Ruskin University), Robin Harrison (MA in Packaging Design, Sheffield Hallam University) and Max Benwell (MA in Magazine Journalism, City University, London). Congratulations to them all and we look forward to seeing them at events at the Hall very soon.


  David Meara's Farewell Dinner - Tuesday 21 October 2014


The Hall filled with the friends, colleagues and fellow liverymen of the venerable David Meara last night for a dinner to celebrate his retirement from St Bride's and to wish him well. The Master (who has blogged aboutthe event - click here to read) presented David with a copy of the book of graces which has been compiled from all those he wrote for Stationers' events (see the image above in which the Master is on the left, his wife, Valerie Locks in the centre and David Meara on the right)) and Vyvyan Harmsworth, Immediate Past Master of the Guild of St Bride, presented him with an engraved wine coaster. It was a very happy evening especially as we are sure to see our liveryman at the Hall again in the future and therefore it was not an absolutely final goodbye!


 IPso FACTo - Monday, 20 October


Aislinn O'Connell writes that on Monday, 20 October Stationers' Hall played host to an engaging and interesting discussion from the Digital Media Group's IP-focused IPso FACTo line of discussions on copyright, digital publishing, and the future of the content industries. Copyright Lawyer Laurie Kaye, Copyright Hub CEO Dominic Young and e-advisor to the global copyright industry David Worlock came together with their able chair Philip Walters MBE to update the audience on the latest happenings in the dizzying world of copyright, discuss one of the possible solutions to the labyrinth of licensing and concentrate our minds on high thoughts of whether copyright is the best way to protect content any longer. The discussion was then opened to the floor for questions, which provoked much thought, and the debate continued over drinks and refreshments until carriages arrived. 

Monday 20 October 2014 - Freedom Ceremony

resized Freedom Group 20 October 2014 2

 There was a Freedom ceremony here at the Hall today. It was slightly unusual in that the Master and Wardens met especially for the ceremony and the new Freemen then went on, as guests of the Company, to join in with the Livery lunch. A further point of interest was the fact that Chloe Mountford – a Project Administrator at Bristol Airport, was made Free by Patrimony (most people are made free by Redemption) as her father, Rodney Mountford, was a liveryman at the time of her birth. Chloe can be seen on the far left of the image and then from left to right are: Frank Demarteau – Sales and Marketing Director with Jalema BV, Dr Glyn Jones – Publisher, Social Science Books with Elsevier Ltd, Tim Elliott – Chairman of Elliott Baxter & Company Ltd, Nadia Weekes - Development Editor, Energy and Environmental Publishing with Haymarket Group Ltd and Robin Esser - Consultant Executive Managing Editor at The Daily Mail. Congratulations to them all and we look forward to seeing them at events at the Hall.

 Cloathing Ceremony - 7 October 2014


Cloathing7Oct nogap

We were delighted to welcome six new members into the Livery at the Court meeting on 7 October. They were (from left to right in the image above): Philip Allan, David Devoto, Andrea Carr, Nigel Southey, Steven Crocker and Reginald Eccles. As well as saying a few words of welcome to them at the ceremony the Master was able to greet them at the Court Dinner to which they were all invited and David Devoto responded on their behalf.

 Freedom Ceremony - 7 October 2014


 Very unusually, the Court meeting of 7 October saw a Freedom ceremony (normally performed at Master and Wardens' meetings) when Henry Tann, who was bound as a Bookbinding apprentice to Dr Douglas East four years ago, was made free of the Company by servitude. In the image you can see Henry signing the declaration of  a Freeman. Standing just behind him is ~Liveryman Dr Douglas East,  Henry sarted bookbinding whilst at Westminster School and is currently in his final year of undergraduate studies at Oxford.

 The Sheep Drive on London Bridge - 5 October 2014

Sheep - Copyresized

 On Sunday 5 October, Robert Sanger and Reg Eccles  (with massed grandchildren) separately followed the ancient and honourable tradition of driving sheep over London Bridge. Robert reports that this was a quite extraordinary experience. The right was granted to Freemen in the 12th Century, allowing them to avoid paying the heavy wool taxes on the flock. The Sheep Drive now raises a lot of money for charity. As well as photos of the Eccles family you can also see  Robert's certificate signed by the Lord Mayor.

200 + Club Winners for September 2014

 200 COVER Logo fin 3

 This month's (September) "Shout" was taken at the Digital Media Group Roundtable  on Websites 

1st Prize  Claud Potter
2nd Prize Martin White
3rd Prize  Brian Homerton
4th Prize  Phoebe Fagan
5th Prize  Gerald Connolly

Livery Autumn Dinner - 24 September 2014

This was the first formal event of the Company year and attendees enjoyed both the speech by Court Assistant  Michael Binyon, (seen above in the right hand photo) and, what was for many, a new ritual - dabbing rose water behind the ears. Apparently by dipping the corner of a table napkin into the rose water (see left hand photo)  and patting behind the ears, the nerves in this region are stimulated. Those nerves are connected to the digestive organs which are consequently 'soothed'.  Suitably soothed, guests settled to listen to, and be fascinated by, Michael's speech  which covered his time on the Times Foreign Desk including insights into the Hitler Diaries affair, Russia in Breshnev's time and the fall of the Berlin Wall!   Photos by Sophia Panteli.  Read more in the Master's blog.



Menin Gate ceremony, Ypres, - Saturday, 20 September 

 Menin gate images merged 22 September 2014

Further to last Friday's news, as you can see from the left hand photo above, Liverymen Alison Strachan and  Padraig Belton did meet  the Master at the Menin Gate, Ypres, on Saturday, 20 September. Ali and Paddy, who had cycled from London, got there  just in time for the ceremony which (as you can see from the second photo on the right) was amazing with several hundred people crowded around) and they laid the wreath for the Stationers. Ali and Paddy (plus accompanying Young Stationers) were also raising funds for the Wiltshire Barn Project (click here to donate  and the British Legion  (click here to donate


Sponsored cycle ride to Ypres - 19 September 2014
London to Ypres 17 Sept 2014

2014 being the centenary of the start of the Great War there are many acts of remembrance taking place all over Europe, indeed the WW1 Evocation event her at the Hall earlier this month was in its way one of them. Another which will feature the Company is about to start with Liverymen Pádraig Belton and Alison Strachan together with a group from the Young Stationers setting out to ride their bikes from London to Ypres this weekend. They will be fundraising for two very relevant and worthy causes. The first is the Wiltshire Barn project which is supported by the Stationers' Foundation and is a social enterprise charity for veterans of all three Services. It uses the therapeutic qualities of craft bookbinding to assist casualty rehabilitation and to develop employment opportunities. To support the cyclists and their endeavours on behalf of this charity click here to donate. The other charity is the Royal British Legion and the page for donations to that great cause can be made by clicking here

The cyclists will be meeting up with the Master and his wife to lay a wreath at the Menin gate in Ypres. Upper Warden, Helen Esmonde, has asked them to look out for the name of her Great Uncle, Captain Jack Harold-Barry, which is inscribed on the Menin Gate and any other Stationers with relatives remembered on the Gate are invited to email the details to Paddy Belton on



 Digital Media Group, Building an Effective Modern Website - 15 September 2014

Websites image

The DMG met last night with over 50 attendees seeking to understand how to make the most of websites. Liveryman James Duckenfield moderated the panel of experts: James Smith from Zenith Apps, Eamonn O'Neill from NewField IT, Andreas Voniatis from Alchemy Viral and Petra Diener from NewField IT. Liveryman Annie Hotton made great use of the Twitter hashtag #stationersdmgwebsites and tweeted throughout. From now on all events will have a dedicated hashtag so you can search what was being tweeted at the time! The Company is, of course, working on its own new website and the Clerk listened to all the speakers with great interest and got some useful tips especially about letting outsiders look at the site before going live!


Welcome to Lord Black of Brentwood - Monday 15 September 2014

Lord Black of Brentwood resized

At a Freedom Ceremony this morning before the Master and Wardens' committee, Lord Black of Brentwood was made Free of the Company.  Lord Black, an Executive Director of the Telegraph Media Group,  is an old friend of the Stationers' Company  having been, amongst other things, a great supporter of the Shine School Media Awards.  We look forward to welcoming him to the Hall even more frequently now!  

City in Bloom 2014

 Garden City in Bloom - Copy

Congratulations to Susana de Sousa our Commercial Manager, to Howard Sanderson and to his team who look after the Hall's glorious garden so well. It has now been shortlisted for the City in Bloom competition and we are keeping our green fingers crossed for the finals which will be held on 27 October 2014.
News of historic footage received from St Paul's Cathedral - Wednesday, 10 September 2014
HM the QM 1978
Roger Walkinton Deputy Director of Fundraising & Secretary to the Friends of St Paul's, emailed the Clerk today with this link  to some film footage of choristers from St Paul's.  Significant scenes fro the clip show the boys practising and then singing at Stationers' Hall for Her Majesty the Queen Mother. Richard Gilpin, who works tirelessly each Wednesday in the Library to bring order to the vast amount of memorabilia the Company has acquired, undertook the necessary research and supplied the following note published in the Spring 1979 issue of The Stationer & Newspaper Maker
"27 June 1978 Her Majesty The Queen Mother visited Stationers’ Hall on this day, where she listened to songs in the Hall by choirboys of St Paul’s Cathedral. The event was recorded by the BBC to be shown on BBC 1 on 17 December 1978. It was an occasion enjoyed both by the visitors and their hosts; in the words of the Master, E Glanvill Benn: ‘Most delightful and successful’.”
Richard also found the photo (above) but the eagle-eyed will note that her outfit is not the same as that in the film so obviously she visited to hear the choristers sing more than once.  Even though the photo is not of the same period as the film it is well worth seeing!


News of two conferences in November

2 conferences

On 13 and 14 November the Printing Historical Society are staging a major conference, entitled Landmarks of Printing, at the St Bride Institute, and on 15 and 16 November the 36th Annual Conference on Book Trade History will be held at Stationers' Hall. Both conferences are given more coverage on the Members Notice Board page of this website. Tickets and details for the former can be obtained here and for the latter here.


200 + Club Winners for August 2014
200 COVER Logo fin 3
 This month's (August) "Shout" was taken at the rehearsal at Stationers Hall for the Stationers' Float for the 2014 Lord Mayor Show.
 1st prize  Luke Mayor
 2nd prize Ron Duncan
 3rd prize  Paul Anderson
 4th prize  Rebecca Spence
 5th prize  John Young



200 + Club Winners for July 2014


200 COVER Logo fin 3
This month's (July) SHOUT for 200+Club was held at the Royal Marines 350 Anniversary Drumhead Service at Artillery Ground, Bunhill Fields, London 

1st Prize - Julie Pickering 
2nd Prize - Stanley Vaughan
3rd Prize - Christopher Bell
4th Prize - Alex Hull 
5th Prize - Patricia Deacon

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 - Cloathing
Cloathing Collation 29 July 2014
The Court Meeting on 29 July saw a bumper crop of cloathings with 12 people joining the Livery. The Court Room was full of Court Assistants, new Liverymen, sponsors,and witnesses and it was a relief to know that the Master had actually had room to raise his hand to perform the necessary rite! We look forward to seeing all twelve at the Hall at events both social and industry-related in the coming months and years. They are, in the image above, from left to right and from top to bottom, Martin Weedall, Sales Director North, VOW Europe Ltd; Barry May,Editor and Corporate Communications Consultant, May Consulting; Sara Pink, Head of Guildhall City Business Libraries; Jonathan Grun, Editor, The Press Association; The Venerable David Meara, Archdeacon of London and Honorary Chaplain to the Company, Ross Collins, Director, James Ross Consulting Ltd; Joanna Patterson-Gordon, Managing Director Colemans; Duncan Tilley, Director, James Ross Consulting Ltd; David Worlock, Principal, David Worlock Digital Strategy Advisory Services; Carol Tullo, Director, Controller and Queen's Printer, The National Archives; Anthony Bailey OBE, Chairman Eligo Internatinoal Ltd and David Burchell, Parliamentary Liaison Manager, The Stationery Office.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014 - Young Stationers' Annual Dinner and Prize
YS picture under Hansard
On 22 July the Editor of Hansard, Lorraine Sutherland joined the Young Stationers at the Hall for their Annual Dinner. Many members will be aware that Luke Hansard's portrait hangs in the Court Room and that he and his sons were members of the Company. In 2005 Ms Sutherland became the first woman editor of the Official Report, and she now oversees a team of 95 who produce the edited verbatim reports as well as the televised and webcast broadcasts of the House of Commons and its committees. She has taken Hansard into the digital age, and the Hansard (Official Reports) app is the first iPad application offered by The Stationery Office. So, there is lots there to inspire the Young Stationers who used the occasion to recognise inspirational achievement in their midst with the presentation of the Young Stationers' Prize. It was awarded to Katie Glass a Columnist with the Sunday Times. The photo above shows from left to right Andrew Barker (runner up), Katie Glass, Nick Coveney (runner up), the Master, the Upper Warden, Lorraine Sutherland and Paddy Belton, Chairman of the Young Stationers. For more details about the Prize and the runners up please visit the Young Stationers page here.  To view a collation of images of the event click here and to read the full press release from Paddy click here


 Congratulations to Trevor Fenwick and to Euromonitor International

Court Assistant Trevor Fenwick and his colleague Robert Senior accepted, on behalf of Euromonitor International, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise at a private ceremony in London last week. The award, the UK’s most prestigious business award, was made in recognition of Euromonitor’s substantial international sales growth of 155% over the past six years and its contribution to UK exports. The presentation was made by Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Wing Commander M G Dudgeon, representing Her Majesty the Queen. He praised the teamwork clearly at work in the company and the fact that that Euromonitor is now “a major player on the world stage with 90% of the company’s turnover overseas, and 37% from the USA alone.” Trevor Fenwick said “We are tremendously proud to have built such a substantial international business from our base in Islington. It is a huge testimony to our employees that we have done so whilst supporting the local and national economy and providing job opportunities for over 250 local people.” In the photo you can see from left to right Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Wing Commander M G Dudgeon, Trevor Fenwick and Robert Senior.  This is a major achievement and the Stationers' Company sends Trevor and his colleagues many congratulations and good wishes for even more success in the future.



 Freedom Ceremony - Monday 14 July 2014

 Freedom 14 July

The Master was required to work hard at his first Freedom ceremony today when eleven people were made Free of the Company. They were (from left to right in the photo above) Paul Musgrove, Managing Director, Nectere; Serena Musgrove, Company Secretary, Nectere; Mahmoud Warriah, CEO, Linden Business Development; David Rosewell, Director, Chars Display Ltd; Havard Hughes, Senior Public Affairs Associate, Financial Conduct Authority; Bill Vickery, Managing Director, V3Print; Lt Col Leona Barr-Jones, Director of Barr-Jones Associates; Tristen Hinds, Business Consultant at Prima Business Control Software Ltd; Christopher Tonge, Sales and Marketing Director, Ultimate Packaging Ltd; Michael Bettinson; Partner, Cole and Company, Chartered Accountants and Simon Larard, European Sales Director, Floortex Ltd. Congratulations to them all and we look forward to seeing them at events at the Hall very soon.

 Stationers' Golfing Prowess 

025 1621
Read all about the Marketors' 'Ryder Cup' Livery Fellowship Golf Day by clicking here.  It will take you through to the Inter-Livery page where we post news of Inter-Livery activities! Photo courtesy of  From left to right: Past Master John Waterlow, The Master, Ian Locks, Bob Couldrey and Under Warden, Ian Bennett
News of Martin Woodhead's safe arraivela in Les Gets - Sunday, 13 July 2014
MW arrives 
Martin has arrived safely 13 Days after leaving Stationers' Hall.  Click here for full details.
Excitement in the Garden at Stationers' Hall
resized Birds in Garden
Those of you who have visited the Hall for meetings, the Master's Installation Party, or a lunch recently might have noticed a very busy blackbird nipping in and out of the ivy on the tree.  The reason for such comings and goings was obviously a nest and now its contents are big enough to be seen!
 Digital Disruption - Monday, 7 July 2014

Digital Disruption

 Aislinn O'Connell reports that last night Stationers' Hall hosted a very interesting and successful Digital Media Group roundtable discussion on the topic of ‘Digital Disruption’. With a panel composed of a mixture of trade and academic as well as large and small business experience (as well as a certain amount of indecision as to whether they were disruptive or disrupted), the discussion was varied and stimulating. While disruption is often seen as a negative word, the discussion tonight certainly showed the opportunities which digital has afforded to smaller, nimbler and more adaptable businesses to improve what publishing has to offer customers and the positive effects disruption can have.
 The members of the panel, from left to right in the photo above were Garry Pratt, a co-founder of Teachit, Kate Wilson is MD and founder of children’s publisher, Nosy Crow, David Gilbertson, Chairman of WTG Events, Briefing Media, and MLex Marketing Intelligence (he also holds a number of other non-executive roles) Claudio Aspesi, Senior Research Analyst - European Media  at Sanford C Bernstein (who Moderated the discussion), Donal Smith, Chairman of Credit Benchmark and formerly CEO of and finally Jan Reichelt, Co-Founder & President of Mendeley.


Congratulations to Liveryman Keith Woodley OBE


Liveryman Keith Woodley was recognised in the Queen's birthday honours list because of his remarkable contribution to the University of Bath over a period of 17 years. Keith gave outstanding service as a member of its Council for nearly two decades until last year and served as Treasurer between 2002 and 2007 through one of the University’s most challenging periods in recent times.  We extend our congratualtions to Keith.


200 + Club Winners for June  2014
 200 COVER Logo fin 3
Elaine Pooke reports that the June "Shout" was held at the Members Viennese Masked Ball Dinner at Stationers' Hall on 27 June.

1st Prize - Frank Dobson
2nd Prize - Brian Attwood
3rd Prize - Jeremy Ryman 
4th Prize - Clifford Jakes 
5th Prize - Sir James Cropper 

The New  Master's first Royal Greeting engagement - Thursday, 3 July 2014

HRH P Edward

The Master today greeted HRH the Earl of Wessex, who until yesterday was the Master of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners,  to Stationers' Hall.  The Gardeners' Company had hired the Hall for  a full afternoon and evening of activities and the Master, who had commented in his speech at Common Hall upon the number royal duties the IPM had undertaken last year, was delighted to notch up his first!

Master's Installation - Tuesday,1 July 2014

New Master resized3

At a special court meeting on Tuesday, 1 July 2014 Ian Locks was elected Master, Helen Esmonde was elected Upper Warden and Ian Bennett was elected Under Warden.  The traditional Installation ceremony took place in the Hall and was followed by short speeches from the IPM and the new Master (see photo above taken by Sophia Panteli) and then a splendid party in the garden with music provided by a jazz quartet.  Martin Woodhead was seen off on his fundraising bike ride, click here for more details, and generally a good time was had by all.  Ian takes over as Master after a very busy year under Tom Hempenstall as Master and knows that his year too is going to be crammed full of important developments and projects. We wish him well. 


 Innovation Excellence Awards - Monday, 30 June 2014


Some 25 companies were nominated for the inaugural Stationers' Innovation Excellence Awards. The judges, Dr Gerry Flynn of the Technology Strategy Board, Peter Day the BBC Business Correspondent and Tom Hempenstall assisted by Tony Mash and Ian Locks concluded that innovation was alive and well in just about all the sectors we recognise in the Communications and Content Industries. After a wonderful lunch in the Hall, which was filled with the sound of networking and ideas being exchanged, Tony Mash introduced the Awards, the Master made the presentations and then Peter Day asked each winning company for a few words about their innovation. There were ten recipients of the Stationers' Innovation Awards, Banner Business Services, Bloomsbury Publishing, Bright Red Publishing, James Cropper Plc, The CLA, Fujifilm, LINPAC, Mendeley, Nosy Crow, Touch Press and The Ryedale Group was named Stationers' Innovator of the Year. The photo above was taken by Sophia Panteli.

 Vision 2020 - Monday, 30 June 2014

 Vision 202

After so many months' hard work at last the day arrived when the Stationers' Company report on the future of paper and print, a follow up to the original report in 2009, was launched. Entitled European Digital Media Landscape to 2020 it made a great first step in that it was covered on the Radio 4 Today programme. Click here to listen. the authors, Martin Glass of EMGE & Co and Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing then raced across London to the official Launch here at the Hall where they presented a summary of the report. They were then joined by Scott Barclay of PaperlinX, Ian Allan of Polestar and Mark Wood of Future Publishing to form a panel to provide comment and generate discussion. Peter Day the BBC Business Correspondent was in the chair. The report was well received and those of you who would like to buy it should click here. The photo above was taken By Sophia Panteli and from left to right you can see Ian Allan, Mark Wood, Martin Glass, Jim Bilton, Scott Barclay and at the lectern Peter Day.


Shine School Media Awards - Monday 23 June 2014


This annual event is one to which schools now know to look forward.  Their teams of journalists, designers, business planners, photographers, editors, etc, work hard for a year to create amazing newspapers, magazines and journals both in print and on-line. Judging takes place between April and May and then invitations are issued to shortlisted schools in England and Wales to attend the Awards Day.  On Monday morning the Hall buzzed with lots of workshops including the ever popular, very practical, session delivered by Liveryman Alison Strachan and Liveryman Rob Shepherd of Shepherds and, after a buffet lunch (see photo above taken by Ray Schram), the real business of the awards ceremony started.  There were lots of awards for industry-linked skills as well as awards for environmental strategy, community initiative, business strategy, the most inspirational teacher and the outstanding pupil.  The Best Magazine award went to The King Edward VI School from Morpeth in Northumberland,  the Best Newspaper award went to St Paul’s Girls’ School from London and the Best On-line award went to Ballakermeen High School from the Isle of Man.  Our congratulations go to all the students who took part in this year’s competition and to all members of the Shine organising committee who made this such a successful day. Click here for the full results.  Click here to read the full Awards Day brochure.


Royal visitor sees best of British printing at Barnard & Westwood


Late last month Liveryman Austen Kopley, MD of Barnard & Westwood, welcomed The Duke of York, KG on his visit to the central London based craft printer. Austen explained to the Duke that amongst other initiatives Barnard & Westwood is in the process of taking on three new craft apprentices. He said “It is important for us to invest in these skills if we hope to have experienced craftsmen for our company in the years to come. There is also something quite special about being in a position to see that these crafts are passed on to the next generation.”
Congratulations to Liveryman Martin Stuchfield MBE JP

martin stuchfieldapr12

Martin was recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.  The citation read 'Howard Martin Stuchfield, JP, For services to heritage charity and to the community in Essex'. Martin writes that he is surprised and completely overwhelmed but these things are always highly deserved so well done Martin! 
 Awards and Committees Luncheon - Monday, 16 June 2014 

Awards and Coms Lunch 16 June 2014


Yesterday the Company welcomed to the Awards and Committees Lunch those Members who give up their time and energy to sit on committees and volunteer their services in other ways to ensure that all Freemen and Liverymen enjoy their membership and that there is something for everyone in the calendar of events. The Master expressed the Company’s gratitude for their assistance. This annual lunch is also the time when the Company makes awards to various young people to assist with their studies. This year the Francis Mathew Scholarship goes to Liam O'Dea who is using the award to gain advanced knowledge of English/Korean translation. He was motivated to do this because Korea was chosen as the London Book Fair Marketing Focus for 2014 and is one of the top ten publishing markets in the world. His application for the award was supported by his two previous employers. Mr William Hopper, a politician, banker and the founder chairman of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and by David Saxby (David Saxby Sporting Tweed). Liam produced Mr Hopper’s website and also managed the Chinese translation of his book on the origins of East-Asian industrial revolutions. Liam has recently moved to Korea and is already pursing his studies in advanced Korean and English/Korean literature translation so sadly was not present at the lunch.
The Major Awards this year go to Lucy Cokes and Rachel Seculer-Faber. During her time as a student of English Literature and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, Lucy volunteered at the Holburne Museum, which influenced her to write her final year dissertation about the Historic Collection in the Museum Library. As a consequence Lucy was inspired to pursue a career in book conservation. She will be using the grant to support her studies, starting in September this year, at West Dean College in Chichester, where she will be taking a Graduate Diploma in the Conservation of Books and Library Materials.
Rachel successfully completed her Graduate Diploma at West Dean College in 2012-13 and is going to use her grant to support her Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Books and Library Material at West Dean. Rachel was the 2013 recipient of the Francis Mathew Scholarship, which she used to attend the Islamic Manuscript Association’s ‘Intensive Introduction to Islamic Codicology’ Short course (click here to read her report) and her goal after graduating is the year-long internship scheme at the Chester Beatty Library, with its incredible collection of Asian, Islamic and early Christian books and manuscripts We are delighted to continue our support for Rachel as she pursues her career as a conservator. In the photo above, taken by Sophie Miller, you can see, from left to right, Lucy Cokes, the Master and Rachel Seculer-Faber.
Freedom Ceremony - Monday 16 June 2014


Freedom 16 June

We were delighted to welcome into the Company five new Freemen at the Master and Wardens' meeting today. They are, from left to right in the photo above, Mr Ian Buckley, General Manager at Prima Software, Ms Sarah Pink, Head of Guildhall Library, The Venerable David Meara, Archdeacon of London, Mr Reginald Eccles, Senior Independent Director at Pan European Terminals Plc and Mr David Smallman, Managing Director, Simply the Best Web Design Ltd. 

 Richard Johnson Lunch - Tuesday, 3 June 2014

RM Awards
After the Bubble service some 240 members and guests sat down to a wonderful lunch back at Stationers' Hall. The Company Chaplain produced yet another 'amazing grace' in verse and after the speeches and toasts the Master presented two high-achieving Royal Marines with awards. The Stationers' Cup was presented to Lance Corporal Ryan Harbour who passed his Class 3 course in April 2013. Since then he has excelled in Command Company 45 and will shortly deploy with 45 Commando on exercise Black Alligator in the USA. He will be involved in assisting the Commando’s Planning Group in their command and control of the unit, within a high tempo expeditionary environment. The Cox Cup was presented to Sergeant Graham Lovell who, on completion of his Combat Intelligence Course, went on to attend and pass his Senior Command Course before joining Commando Training Centre as an Instructor in the Combat Intelligence Training Team.  In the photo above taken by Sophie Panteli Sergeant Lovell is on the right and Lance Corporal Harbour on the left .  Father Michael Seed can be seen in the bottom left hand corner.
Those attendees who were sat in the Stock Room enjoyed a live feed to the plasma screen and this year, therefore, missed out on nothing although to say that the loyal and other toasts echoed around the Hall is more than just a figure of speech - there was a definite time lag between the two rooms' reactions! .  
Richard Johnson Service - Tuesday, 3 June 2014
St Bride's Church (seen above in a photo taken by Sophia Panteli) resounded again to the stunning voices of the St Brides’ choir as they assisted members of the Company and their guests to sing some of the best loved British hymns  'Love Divine', 'Dear Lord and Father' and 'He who would valiant be' at the annual Richard Johnson Memorial, or 'Bubble', service.  As ever, they added several glorious anthems which filled the church and included, of course, the Bubble anthem.  Father Michael Seed SA preached and having announced that he was at one time known as 'Father Speed' for his delivery of quick sermons, lived up to that by telling a story about Cardinal Basil Hume, Snoopy and Woodstock the point of which was to encouraged us all to step outside our 'bubble' or comfort zone to experience life to the full.



National Stationery Week- A great success

Nat Stat Wk

Liveryman Christopher Leonard-Morgan has now has time to assess this year's National Stationery Week and by all accounts it was a great success.  Click here to read the full report.  Next year’s National Stationery Week will take place from 27 April – 3 May 2015. 


200 + Club Winners for May 2014


200 COVER Logo fin 3


Elaine Pooke reports that the May "Shout" was held at the "Archive Evening" on Tuesday, 27th May 2014.

1st Prize Keith Hutton
2nd Prize Nigel Wass
3rd Prize Gerald Hill
4th Prize James Richardson
5th Prize Jean Behn


Archive Evening - Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Archive Evening May 2014
After months of hard work from the Library and Archives Committee, and especially Matthew Payne and Margaret Willes, the Archive Evening, Abbey to City: Early Printing and the Stationers' Company, took place on Tuesday, 27 May. The Hall lights chose the lead up to the event to stop working (all fixed now!) but Terry Shapland performed his lighting magic and the 160 or so attendees would have hardly been aware that there was an issue! Dr David Pearson joined the list of Liverymen who made major contributions as he joined the fascinating panel of speakers which also included Peter Blayney (you can still purchase copies of his book by clicking here) and Professor Julia Boffey, Professor of Medieval Studies at Queen Mary College University of London. The display in the Court Room drew the crowds as it featured examples of Caxton's printing and other exhibits drawn from the Westminster Abbey collection.  In the Photo above you can see from left to right Paul Wilson, Chairman of the Library and Archives Committee, Peter Blayney, Professor Julia Boffey and Dr David Pearson.


Advance Warning of the Visual Media Conference in Leeds on 25 June 2014 - Five Free Tickets for Members

yorks med conf

 Conference details

Liveryman Robert McClements has written to advise of the opportunity to visit the future landscape of marketing communications at the Visual Media Conference on the 25th June 2014 at the Rose Bowl, Leeds. Brought to you by the organisers of Media Market Place, this one day conference offers real life examples and will ensure you leave with tools and ideas that you can immediately apply to your business. The host of exciting speakers offer an international perspective and will share their views on the future of the internet, digital communications and printing. If you are an integrated or digital agency, a brand owner, marketer, printer or packaging producer this event is for you. To secure an early bird ticket book before the 25th of May 2014  click here. What is more, Robert has arranged for the first five members of the Company to apply to receive free tickets. The instructions and link to this special offer can be found on the Members' Only Notice Board by clicking here.


 Freedom Ceremony - Monday, 12 May 2014

New Freemen 12 May 2014

On Monday, 12 May there was Freedom Ceremony at the Master and Wardens' Committee meeting at which (from left to right in photo above) John Logan, UK Sales & Marketing Manager at Turbon Europe GmbH, Jaani Riordan a Barrister and Will Fisher, a Partner, Head of Media and Entertainment for Transaction Advisory Services in the UK & Ireland at Ernst &Young LLP,
were all made free of the Company.



Advance Notice of the Annual Sheep Drive across London Bridge on 5 October 2014

 Sheep Paternoster Square resized

The Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Woolmen has written to say that this year's Sheep Drive across London Bridge for charity will be on Sunday 5 October 2014.  Full details can be found by clicking here Members' Notice Board. Photographs from last years event can be seen at . All proceeds will be divided between the Lord Mayor's Appeal and the Worshipful Company of Woolmen's Charitable Trust. Freemen should consider taking part in this fun event.  Participants will receive a certificate confirming that they have exercised their rights in line with current tradition. 


Wednesday, 7 May 2014 - Charter Dinner
Charter Dinner 2014

After the excitement of the Queen's visit to the Hall it was good to continue the festive feelings into the evening when Liverymen and their guests gathered to celebrate the granting of the Company's Royal Charter by Mary Tudor in 1557.  This is one of the major formal dinners in the Company year and it was a wonderful occasion. David Dinsmore, Editor of The Sun, was the Speaker (click here to read his speech).  He ended by proposing the toast to the Master, Wardens and Trades of the Guild.  Helen Esmonde, under Warden, responded.  This was the Under Warden's first formal speech on behalf of the Company and by all accounts it was a great success.  The photos above were taken by Sophia Panteli.    


  Wednesday, 7 May 2014 - Her Majesty the Queen visits Stationers' Hall

HM The Queen


Hot off the press! Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have just swept out of the courtyard in front  Stationers' Hall having attended a reception to mark the 150th anniversary of the Journalists’ Charity.  The royal party arrived at 11.15 am and left again just before midday.


 The excitement has been building here at the Hall for weeks as we looked forward to the visit and although we, the office team, were kept well to one side (the wrong side for our pictures unfortunately!) it was quite something to see the Queen and her husband emerging from our famous blue doors.  Please click here to visit the Journalists' Charity website for more details and here to see a range of photos taken by their photographers.


 200 + Club Winners for April 2014


200 COVER Logo fin 3

Elaine Pooke reports that the April "Shout" was taken at the Opera at Kensington Palace event

1st Prize Jeremy Lowe
2nd Prize Nicholas Steidl
3rd Prize Tim Connell
4th Prize Kenneth Wilson Beales
5th Prize Geraldine Allison



Digital Media Round-table - Monday, 14 April 2014

DMG 14 April 2014
In association with the London Press Club the Stationers' DMG welcomed four distinguished panellists to the Hall last night to discuss whether there is a future for the Press in this post-Leveson world and how the Press should be regulated; should it rely on current law which Simon Heffer thought was adequate to the job or does it require the Royal Charter. Doug Wills moderated the debate which kicked of with Simon stating that if we want to live in a free country we have to have a free press. Jonathan Heawood of the Guardian, Stephen Abell of the Sun, Liz Hunt from the Telegraph and Bob Satchwell of the Society of Editors took the debate forward each with different points of view. It was especially interesting to hear Liz Hunt talk about young interns arriving at the Telegraph having already taken all the debate of the last few years on board and fired up with enthusiasm to work to the ethical standards expected. At the end of the discussion a show of hands revealed that most in the audience were not in favour of the Royal Charter. Interesting! In the photo above you can see, from left to right, Stephen Abell, Jonathan Heawood, Simon Heffer, Liz Hunt and Bob Satchwell.
Freedom Ceremony - Monday 14 April 2014
Freedom 4 April 2014
We welcomed five new Freemen to the Company on Monday, 14 April 2014. They were (from left to right in the photo above) Fiona O'Cleirigh, Journalist with Exaro News Ltd; David Devoto, Chairman of Public Sector Information Ltd; Caroline Kimbell, Head of Licensing at the National Archives; Barbara Rowlands, Director of the MA in Magazine Journalism at City University and Simon Eccles who is retired.



Forthcoming Exhibition by Court Assistant Nick Steidl and Louise Steidl, 3-7 June 2014

Invitation5NO PRIVATE VIEWresized
Members will want to support Nick and his wife Louise who are staging an exhibition of images between 3 and 7 June at The Piers Feetham Gallery, 475 Fulham Road London SW6 1HL. Nick's exhibits will be photographs taken on his recent trip to India and Louise's will be botanical images. You can see samples of both in the image above (and more at and you can click here for a full-size flyer which also gives the opening hours. The most important thing is that the proceeds from the exhibition will be split between The Stationers' Foundation, of which Nick is the Chairman, and The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability - both are extremely important causes so do try to get this exhibition in to your diaries.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014 - Cloathing of seven new Liverymen


Group 1 4 2014

The Company was delighted to cloathe seven new Liverymen at the end of the Court meeting on Tuesday, 1 April 2014. They were, from left to right in the photo above, Christopher Jolly, MD of Jolly Learning Ltd, Vida Barr-Jones, MD of Barr-Jones Associates; Ian George formerly of Antalis UK but now retired; Peter Gotham a Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson LLP; Laurence Kaye a Partner at Shoosmiths LLP; Claire Scott MD of Historystore Ltd and Ian Grant a Partner at Creative Structure. We look forward to seeing them all at forthcoming events at the Hall.


200 + Club Winners for March 2014


200 COVER Logo fin 3




Elaine Pooke reports that the  March "Shout" was taken at the Cakes & Ale Lunch at Stationers' Hall

1st Prize: David Hobbs
2nd Prize: Sir Ray Tindle
3rd Prize: Sir Jonathan Benn
4th Prize: Dr Roy Millington
5th Prize: Noel Osborne



Tuesday, 18 March 2014 - Young Stationers celebrate St Patrick's Day 

YS LNsThe Day That Was In It15 2

The Young Stationers donned shamrock on Tuesday, 18 March 2014 , and were joined for St Patrick's Day by Culture Minister Ed Vaizey MP.  Click here for full details.  In the photo from Left to right you can see Ed Vaizey, Paddy Belton and Tej Sood.


 Monday, 17 March 2014 - New Members' Evening

RMCs at NME Mar 2014


There was a huge turn out for the New Members' Evening on Monday, 17 March at which the Company welcomed new members, potential new members, high achieving Royal Marine Cadets from the London and Essex areas  and a contingent from the Crown Woods Academy who were coming to see what the Company is all about. A Past Clerk and Liveryman, Captain Peter Hames, read the citations for the cadets who looked very smart and impressed with their drills. It was a great atmosphere and it is good to report that already several application forms have been received in the office from those who attended.


Monday 17 March 2014 - Freedom Ceremony
Freedom Group 17 March 2014
We were delighted to hold a Freedom Ceremony for 13 people on Monday, 17 March,  just before the New Members' Evening. In the photo above, taken by Sophie Panteli, you can see, from left to right, Martin Weedall, Michael Webb, David Banks, Michael Doyle, Paul Herbert, Caroline Sexton, Col Paul Cautley CMG DL Tom Hempenstall (Master) Dr Shane Tilton, Anthony Bailey OBE, Phillip Eustace, Carol Tullo, Nigel Southey and Marcel Landau. We hope to see them frequently at Company events in the future but it was good to be able to give them a warm welcome at the New Members' Evening - they being the newest members of all!


 Monday, 17 March 2014 - Dorothy Saul-Pooley installed as Master of the Honorable Company of Air Pilots

 Master Pooley copy

Members will want to congratulate Liveryman Dorothy Saul-Pooley on becoming Master of the Honorable Company of Air Pilots. Her installation took place on Monday, 17 March. You can read all about Dorothy's qualifications by clicking here. I am sure you will agree that 9500 flying hours at the controls of over 85 types of aircraft fits her well for the role. It is of course through her work as a leading author and editor of flying training manuals that she qualified as a Stationer and you will have noted over the years that she has served as Renter Warden and both skied and swum for the Company in Inter-Livery events.


Wednesday, 12 March - A tour of Westminster Cathedral
Westmionster Cathedral
Upper Warden Ian Locks writes: Westminster Cathedral is one of those places I had passed many times, but somehow had never quite made the few steps inside the door. The invitation to join the Livery Committee group being organised by Chairman Professor Tim Connell was therefore just too good an opportunity to miss.
The 40 of us who assembled on the steps of the Cathedral at 11am made an eclectic group - some sporting Stationers' ties, others more relaxed. The visit was at the request of The Master, Tom Hempenstall. He, his wife Barbara and son and daughter-in-law, led the way into the building from the west door, offering the amazing wow-factor view of this huge late Victorian, brick-built space. "Awesome" was the word on some lips. "Austere" on others and ".......magnificent" on yet others.
The Cathedral Church of Westminster was designed in the Early Christian Byzantine style by the Victorian architect John Francis Bentley. The foundation stone was laid in 1895 and the fabric of the building was completed eight years later. However a century and a bit later the interior of the Cathedral is still work in progress. The 14 Stations of the Cross, by the sculptor Eric Gill, are world renowned and the fine marble-work and mosaics have been gradually extended. This was brought home to us at the most poignant of levels when we reached the memorial to the Cathedral's founder, Cardinal Vaughan. The small Chapel, dedicated to St Thomas, in the north transept and enclosed by grilles of gilt bronze, is Cardinal’s Vaughan’s Chantry. Within its gates, the monument to Cardinal Vaughan bears the inscription: Pray for the soul of Herbert Vaughan, Cardinal Priest of the Holy Roman Church, third Archbishop of Westminster and founder of this Cathedral, born 15 April 1832, died 19 June, 1903. The Friends of Westminster Cathedral adopted the renovation, conservation and completion of the mosaic decorative scheme of the Vaughan Chantry as their current special fundraising project for the Cathedral’s centenary. And who was Chairman of the Friends after being a founding member, treasurer for 25 years and then chairman for a further six, raising more than £300k in that time? None other than our very own Liveryman Robin Sheamur. Well done Robin. Clearly we need you on the Stationers' Fund Raising Committee.
As Mass started at 12.30 we made our way to lunch at the Westminster Catering College where we were looked after most delightfully by the young students and enjoyed a lunch prepared by their back of house colleagues.
In his words of thanks the Master praised the Livery Committee chairman for his organisation and included all his colleagues on that committee for the pleasure they bring through organising the annual series of visits.


10-14 March 2014 - Radio 4, Publishing Lives

Publishing Lives
Members who have not been able to tune in at 1.45 pm each day this week to hear the second series of Publishing Lives on Radio 4 will find the Listen Again service available here and a blog about the series by Robert McCrum here.  Our own Liveryman, Professor Iain Stevenson was consultant to the series, chose four of the five lives featured and appears in episodes two and four!  This second series features Kaye Webb, Victor Gollancz, Norah Smallwood, Paul Hamlyn and Carmen Callil.  All great publishing names who contributed vast amounts of pleasure to the lives of book-lovers!


Monday, 10 March 2014 - Annual Lecture


AL 2014

As mentioned in the Evening Standard, we were delighted to welcome Tim Cobbold, CEO at De La Rue, to the Hall to deliver the Annual Lecture. He spoke on Exporting for Britain: the De La Rue experience. This topic together with the announcement just days before the lecture that he was infact moving to UBM meant that there was considerable interest. As ever, BBC Business Correspondent and Liveryman, Peter Day, moderated the ensuing discussion and it was heartening that there were lots of questions from the floor - always a good sign. As soon as the full text of the Lecture is available for you to read here. In the photo above taken by Sophia Panteli you can see Tim on the left and Peter on the right.


 Monday, 10 March 2014 - Corporate Membership
HP Blue RGB 72 LG
Members will be interested to note that the number of Corporate Members is increasing and the latest name to go up on the board on the staircase at the Hall is that of Hewlett-Packard. Ian Ames-White, HP Advanced Document Solutions, UK Country Manager and a Freeman of the Company writes: “Hewlett-Packard are delighted to be associated with The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. HP’s technology heritage has been extensively built around print, the provision of document based solutions and equipment while supporting the printing industry which makes the Worshipful Company of Stationers a natural association for HP. The types of discussions, news and industry events held by the Company are entirely relevant for our business. Having become a Freeman myself, I very much look forward to meeting with fellow Freemen & Liverymen in my professional capacity.” We shall look forward to seeing Ian, as ever, at events and indeed to welcoming his colleagues as they start to take advantage of their Corporate Membership.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014 - Ash Wednesday Service
Ash Wednesday procession
Following the Cakes and Ale lunch, the traditional procession of the Court, the Master and the Upper and Under Wardens, escorted by Renter Wardens fore and aft, started out from the Hall as the clock at St Paul's chimed 2.00 pm.  Carl Gilbert, the Beadle, led it off and as ever the procession attracted the attention of those going about their business in the area.  The service was introduced by the Reverend Canon Philippa Boardman, the prayers taken by the Reverend Nigel Dawkins the Minor Canon and Sacrist and the  Upper Warden and Master read the lessons.  The sermon was given by the Dean of St Paul's who likened Ash Wednesday to the "cold bath in the midst of the sauna of the rest of life" referring to the need to know the negative in order to appreciate the positive.  The whole service was rendered very beautiful by the singing of the young students from John Ruskin Primary School who really do harmonise incredibly well for ones so young.
 Wednesday, 5 March 2014 - Cakes and Ale 
Clerk Receives his bun
We welcomed several Stationers' widows as well as many Stationers and their guests to the Cakes and Ale lunch at the Hall today.  This lunch was originally provided for in the will of John Norton, one time Master of the Company,  who died in 1612.  The lunch was well attended and it was good to see almost every one of the attendees go off to the service afterwards which was of course what John Norton intended! In the photo above taken by Sophie Miller you can see the Clerk receiving the thirteenth bun in the baker's dozen.
Monday 3 March 2014 - Livery Lunch
Livery Lunch March
The Hall resounded to the discussion and laughter of 170 Liverymen and their guests attending the Livery Lunch today.  The ambience was such that already a number of guests have expressed interest in becoming members themselves which is excellent - and just how it should be! Thanks to Sophie Miller for the photograph.  


IPG Annual Conference 2104 - Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 February 2014

 Latest News IPG 2014

The Independent Publishers Guild is held its Annual conference at Heythrop Park last week and Deborah Rea, Communications Manger, attended the first two days on the Company's behalf. On the first afternoon, after a fascinating presentation on Goodreads - - a great place to get ideas for new and recommended reads, Richard Balkwill of Copytrain gave a concise and easily understood situation report on the The Copyright Hub - and looked forward to seeing progress in its endeavours now that the new CEO, Dominic Young, has his feet under the table. The formal sessions ended that afternoon with John Ingram of Ingram and Dr Victor Henning of Mendeley speaking about building successful companies. On the second day, Stephen Page, CEO of Faber, delivered the Keynote Speech and shared his thoughts about aspects of the future of publishing. It was interesting to hear someone from what once was considered such a traditional company, being so forward thinking about its current products and ways of working but good to note his continuing passion for editorial excellence! The IPG is one of the bodies which attends the Stationers' Trade Assocation events and it is good to see Stationers, and soon-to-be Stationers, such as Oliver Gadsby, Tej Sood, Chris Jolly, David Hicks and Paul Herbert so active within it.
Today's (Tuesday, 25 February 2014) News about the Annual Lecture 
Tim Cobbold hi res

Many of you will have been surprised by today's news that Tim Cobbold has resigned as CEO of De La Rue. He is moving to be CEO at UBM but not until 29 March so he will still deliver the Annual Lecture on Monday, 10 March 2014.  His subject will be Exporting for Britain: De La Rue's Experience. There is still time to book your ticket for either the Reception and Lecture (from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm) or the Reception, Lecture and Dinner (6.00 pm to 10.00 pm) which you can do by clicking here.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014 - Oscar Wilde Evening
Giles andMiranda Oscar Wilde32
Paddy Belton writes: An evening going Wilde: the Stationers at their most decadent marked this Tuesday the 160th birthday, this year, of Oscar Wilde – himself a newspaper maker (in his first position, editor of the Woman's World). The Hall resounded with velvet breeches, green carnations, tables groaning with absinthe, and three different interpretations of the 'handbang' scene from The Importance of Being Earnest—some of them quite spirited indeed. (One mischievous liveryman triumphantly produced, at the pivotal moment, a handbag secreted down the back of his trousers, to a bit of applause and, from more sensible Stationers, resigned groaning.)
Oscar flounced into our Hall on the tailcoat of our recent other historic (and fancily-dressed) dinners featuring, as guests, Samuel Pepys, Charles Dickens, and Rudyard Kipling. There are already whispers of next year, and Shakespeare.
In the photo above, taken by Sophia Panteli, you can see Martina McClements and Giles Fagan in their "handbag" scene.



200 + Club Winners for January and February 2014

200 COVER Logo fin 3


Elaine Pooke reports that January 's  "Shout" was taken at the Lord Mayor's Show Participation Sub-Committee held at Stationers Hall

1st Prize: Norman Revill
2nd Prize: Helen Bell
3rd Prize: Kit Van Tulleken
4th Prize: Clive McKeogh
5th Prize: Mr I Harrap

and that February 's  "Shout" was taken  at the Digital Forum Event on 3D Printing at Stationers Hall

1st Prize: Janet Young
2nd Prize: Geoffrey Baker
3rd Prize: Richard Haselden
4th Prize: Jani Levänen
5th Prize: Robert Sanger



 Monday 10 February 2014 - DMG 3D Printing Roundtable Event


The Hall was full last night for a fascinating presentation about 3D printing. It was led by Liveryman John Charnock who conveyed his 3D printing passion and excitement at the opportunities it offers. John then introduced us to Ken Whild from HK3D. Ken raced through the history of this technology . Yes, it has a history and is in fact some 30 years old. Then he looked to where 3D printing might go and the possibilities seemed almost limitless ranging from solid parts for machinery of the future to printing replacement kidneys. The question session was lively and ranged from raising time and cost issues and, obviously given the venue, copyright! In the photos above you can see a montage of: (top) the 3D printer on show making progress, (middle) 3D printed HK3d logos, (bottom left) the printer itself and (bottom right) John Charnock with Ken Whild.



Wednesday, 5 February 2014 - Staff Training

Fire training


Members will be pleased to know that the Company has ensured that several members of the staff have received First Aid and Fire Training. Nick Coole, from First Aid Safety Limited has visited the Hall three times now and today he covered sensible (and indeed legally required) precautions to take to prevent and minimise the risk from fires. In the photos above you can see the team practising extinguishing various types of fire. The Hall has had its fair share of fire-related incidents what with the Great Fire in 1666 and the not so great one in 2010 and we all hope that nothing ever happens again - but we can't be complacent!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014 - a New Court Assistant and a Cloathing

TF and DS


At the Court today Michael Binyon was made a Court Assistant and Donal Smith was cloathed as a Liveryman. Donal can be seen in the photo above with his sponsor Court Assistant Trevor Fenwick.  We congratulate both Michael and Donal.


Tuesday, 28 January 2014 - Stationers return from the slopes

 Ski team 2014

The Stationers’ Ski Team returned from the fifth annual Inter Livery Ski Championships in Morzine this weekend in great spirits…but with no silverware to show for their efforts.

 This was the fourth time the Stationers had fielded a team and this year nine Liverymen and Freemen took part: Martin Woodhead (Captain), William Brewster, Richard Brewster, Trevor Fenwick, Stephen Enthoven, Oliver Gadsby, Ian Locks, Rodney Mountford and John Waterlow.

 Despite not picking up a prize, the team put up a valiant effort and came back with heads held high, and plans already in place to wrestle back gongs from the Vintners Company next year. The speedy Vintners dominated the event and even picked up the Stationers’ Prize – an alpine teddy bear named ‘Lucky’, awarded to the fastest team of three, with an aggregate age over 200.

 Commenting on the competition, team captain Martin Woodhead said: “I am immensely proud of the team’s achievements, not only this year, but since we first raced back in 2011. Since then we’ve grown the team, won awards and won friends on the slopes. Unfortunately this year we haven’t got anything to show for it other than many happy memories; but we look forward to welcoming more skiers to our ranks in future and urge anyone interested to give it a go! It’s great fun and your company needs you!”

 Aspiring team members should contact Martin if they are interested or want to find out more. 

Stop Press:  Martin Woodhead reports that the numbers have been crunched since Will Brewster filed the report above  and the skiing Stationers  actually DID win some medals.... in fact seven between them! The top honour went to Oliver Gadsby who won a Silver medal in the Slalom AND a Bronze in the Giant Slalom. However, congratulations are due to all for competing so well on the Company's behalf.

 Monday, 27 January 2014, Trade Association Lunch


 TA lunch

We were delighted to welcome representatives from some 15 Trade Associations to the Hall today for the first Trade Association Lunch of 2014. There was plenty of time to network and discuss matters of common interest in small groups before the lunch and then, over pudding and coffee, Tony Mash, our TA Liaison, introduced subjects for discussion round the table including an up-date on the copyright debate from Kevin Fitzgerald (CLA)  and Jon Griffin (PLS) and on the energy crunch from David Workman (CPI).  There was lots of input on lobbying from all round the room and finally Ian Locks introduced the Innovation Excellence Awards which will take place in June. A very happy and interesting session at which everyone learned something!

 In the photo above you can see David Workman of CPI  (on the Clerk's right), the Clerk, Kathy Woodward of BPIF, Sidney Bobb of  BAPC, Chris Pateman of FCS, Mike Hancock, Tom Bowtell of BCF, Ian Locks, Jon Griffin of PLS, Edward Milford of IPG, Tony Mash, David Newell of The Newspaper Publishing Association, John De Little of PBA, Benji Inwood, with his back to the camera, of The Advertising Association, Max Walker of IPIA,  Dick Searle of the Packaging Federation, John Paine of PBA,  and Tim Webb, half hidden, of  PICON.   

 Wednesday, 22 January 2014 - National Calendar Awards

NCA Gary and Pat resized

The Company was delighted to welcome the National Calendar Awards back to the Hall last Wednesday. As ever the variety of calendars nominated for a wide range of awards was extraordinary and went from the 50th Anniversary Pirelli Calendar, which was large, to a small One Exercise a Day box calendar suitable for a desk. There were sweet animals, gorgeous trees, classic vehicles (including JCBs!), food and many other subjects, all in calendar form. Especially interesting were the design ideas for calendars from students. Andrew Castle of tennis, GMTV and Strictly Come Dancing fame was the Speaker and guests very much enjoyed his humour. They were also delighted to see Liveryman Pat Batley's service to the National Calendar Awards specifically recognised (in the photo above you can she her on the left receiving a bouquet from Gary Beck) and to see Gary Beck receive a Lifetime Achievement AWard. Gary was one of the founders of Calendar Club in 1997 and recently sold its holding company, Otter House Group, to a management team. 

Monday, 20 January 2014 - Inter-Livery Ski Competition
Ski trip crash cap resized 2013
It is that time of year again and from various corners of the UK the Stationers' ski team is setting out for France to take part in the Inter-Livery Ski Competition.  They will be sporting their very smart Stationers' Ski caps once again.We wish them all safe journeys and happy, safe and, of course, fast, skiing! They are : Martin Woodhead (Captain), William Brewster, Richard Brewster, Trevor Fenwick, Stephen Enthoven, Oliver Gadsby, Ian Locks, Rodney Mountford and John Waterlow.  Watch this space for news of the racing on Friday and Saturday this week. 
 Monday, 13 January 2014 - Digital Media Roundtable with Vzaar


Vzaar panel

Such was the popularity of this event that it was held in the Hall and around 100 members and guests listened to three excellent speakers, Barney Worfolk-Smith of Unruly Media, Phil Nottingham of Distilled and Richard Teideman of London Creatives, cover various aspects of Video Marketing. The evening was introduced and the question and answer session was moderated by Gareth Cadwallader of Vzaar.  A great deal of ground was covered and at, sometimes, breakneck speed but there cannot have been anyone present who did not learn a huge amount.  From the many three nuggets of wisdom stood out: a) television is dying and its place is being taken by online programme delivery b)  You Tube is not always useful as a marketing tool and c) content makers rule. This last fact was very well received and much made of it on Twitter! In the image above you can see, from left to right: Gareth, Barney, Phil and Richard.  Barney's presentation can be viewed here and Richard's here.


 Monday, 13 January 2014 - Freedom Ceremony

David Worlock Joanna Patterson-Gordon Mark Winstanley Barry May Mopnica Gibson and Peter Melkowski


The first freedom ceremony of the new year took place this morning and we were delighted to welcome six new Freemen to the Company. From left to right in the photo above they are: David Worlock, Principal: David Worlock/Digital Strategy Advisory Services; Joanna Patterson-Gordon: Managing Director, Colemans; Mark Winstanley: Owner, the Wyvern Bindery; Barry May: Editor and Corporate Communications Consultant at May Consulting; Monica Gibson: Professional Calligrapher and Investment Banking Analyst at Maker Trading Limited and Peter Melkowski: Managing Director at Print Solutions.



Thursday, 9 January 2014 - CEOs' Dinner


CEOs dinner jan 2014

The Company was delighted to be able to welcome the CEOs or other representatives from 12 of our 18 Corporate Members to the annual CEOs' Dinner on Thursday, 9 January 2014. The speaker was Sir Thomas Harris KBE CMG who, before becoming an international banker, served in the British Diplomatic Service where he was Director General for Trade and Investment in the USA from 1999 to 2004 and then our Ambassador in Korea from 1993 to 1997. In the UK he has served in the Cabinet Office and in the DTI, where he was Director General for Export Promotion. The numbers coming to this event are growing and a photograph of everyone, without posing them formally, is impossible but the image above, taken by Giles Fagan, certainly conveys the fact that these senior figures make the most of this opportunity to discuss topics of common interest, to network and to enjoy a dinner in the glorious Court Room at Stationers' Hall.


Thursday, 2 January 2014 - Court Assistant the Right Reverend Stephen Platten to move south

Stephen Platten Oct11

Many congratulations to Court Assistant The Right Reverend Stephen Platten who is moving south from Wakefield to become  Rector of St Michael’s Cornhill in the City and an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of London.  Stephen will be installed by the Bishop of London on the evening of Monday, 7 July and at roughly the same time he will become Chairman of Hymns Ancient and Modern which publishes the Church Times and owns SCM and Canterbury Presses.
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 - Paddy Belton awarded Trench-Gascoigne Prize


Paddy and Trench Prize

Many congratulations to Liveryman Paddy Belton who has received RUSI's Trench-Gascoigne Prize for defence and security writing for 2013. The photograph shows Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Nicholas Houghton presenting Paddy with the prize, which dates to 1874, in a ceremony yesterday evening in Whitehall. Paddy's prize essay, 'UK Intelligence Strategy for a Post-Snowden Era', will appear in the RUSI Journal early in the new year.



Tuesday, 10 December 2013 - Young Stationers' Christmas Dinner 


Whittingdale - paddy

The Young Stationers held their Christmas dinner at Buck's Club on 20 December.  The Master and Clerk attended and the somewhat raucous gathering was addressed by  Culture, Media, and Sport Select Committee Chairman John Whittingdale OBE MP.  In the picture above you can see From left : Matthew Holehouse, John Whittingdale OBE MP, Paddy Belton, Dr Marta Włodarczyk, Varun Ramraj, Rhidian Jones, Dr Alexander Priest, Kiran Sagoo, Mahmoud Warriah and  Heman Joshi.  Please click here for a full report of the recent Young Stationers Dinners and news of forthcoming events.


200 COVER Logo fin 3

Elaine Pooke reports that December's  "Shout" was taken at the Members' Christmas  Lunch. 



1st Prize:   Nigel Wass
2nd Prize:  Diana Mayze
3rd Prize:   Sarah Blair Oliphant
4th Prize:   Eddie Deacon
5th Prize:   Lady Phyllis Elwes



 News from the Wiltshire Barn Project which is supported by the Stationers' Foundation

Princess Anne


On 1 November the Princess Royal visted the Wiltshire Barn project, a craft-based training and employment enterprise for wounded veterans which the Stationers' Foundation supports. This charity is the creation of Jonathan Powell in collaboration with Shepherds Bookbinders Ltd. Princess Anne was able to present Terry De'Ath with his City & Guilds certificate in Bookbinding. He is the the first of the veterans at the project to gain this qualification. Please click here to read the item in full and view all the pictures. In the picture above you can see, from left to right, Margaret Walker, City & Guilds Course Assessor; Nick Steidl, Chairman of the Stationers' Foundation, Helen Esmonde, Upper Warden of the Stationers' Company and Giles Woodhouse, Manager of Tedworth House Recovery Centre, meeting the Princess.


200 Plus Club Winners - November   2013


 200 COVER Logo fin 3


Elaine Pooke reports that  November's  "Shout" was taken at the Lord Mayor's Show Day Lunch. 




1st Prize:  Michael Pegge
2nd Prize:  Andrea Davis  
3rd Prize:   David Allan
4th Prize:   Alan Hewitt
5th Prize:  Peter Wynn



Monday, 11 November 2013 - Freedom Ceremony 


New Freemen 11 November 2013


The first item on today's Master and Wardens' Committee Meeting agenda was the Freedom Ceremony for two new Freemen.  We welcome Paul Bean, MD of Sun Branding Solutions and Mrs Claire Scott, MD of Historystore Ltd as new Freemen and look forward to seeing them at events at the Hall very soon.

Sunday, 10 November 2013 - Remembrance Day


Stationers Remembrance Sunday

A respectable congregation of Stationers joined their Master and Wardens for Remembrance Sunday at St Bride's Church on Fleet Street alongside the Masters of the Marketors, Turners, and Spectacle Makers, who also claim St Bride's as their patronal church.
St Bride's Rector (and our Hon. Chaplain), the Ven. David Meara preached and the splendid choir sang Fauré's serene, gentle 'Petit Requiem', backed by St Bride's Orchestra which contrasted with the austerity of the two minutes' silence and wreath-laying. After this service of solemnity and remembrance, Upper Warden (and St Bride's Churchwarden) Ian Locks had organised a stately repast at the nearby restaurant Hush. Liveryman Paddy Belton had gathered a clutch of Young Stationers together and they enjoyed the meal whilst Paddy and Eric Davies chivied them along in completing their membership application forms. In the photo above you can see from left to right Paddy Belton, Eric Davies, Fiona O'Cleirigh, Jaani Riordan and Caroline Sexton. The office is standing by to receive aforementioned forms!  Fiona has just been shortlisted for a British Journalism Award in the category New Journalist of the Year. She is being recognised for her work for the new investigative service Exaro - which is headquartered on Fleet Street.  TheBritish journalism Awards are run by  Press Gazette and the winners will be announced at a ceremony at Stationers' Hall in early December.  


Saturday, 9 November 2013 - The Lord Mayor’s Show 2013


umbrellas in ludgate hill - 9nov13 2

Tim Connell writes that this was sure to be a special event with the election of Fiona Woolf, only the second woman to hold the post in 686 years. The Stationers’ Company rose to the occasion by opening the Hall and inviting other companies to join us. It was wonderful to see the Hall full, the buzz of conversation showed that people were enjoying themselves, and the children were entertained by David Abel, the Stationers’ very own magician.
The procession was as inspiring as ever. The vehicles gleamed, the horses steamed, and the walkers strode along proudly, with the water running off them in what must have been one of the heaviest downpours in the entire history of the Show. This gave us the opportunity to show off the new Company umbrella en masse - see the photo above and click here if you want to buy one!.
Stationers and their guests were joined in the Hall by representatives from other Livery Companies which included the Fanmakers, the Fuellers, the Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and the Glass Sellers.


Thursday, 7 November 2013 - News from the House of Commons


Tony Baldry

Congratulations to Liveryman the Rt Hon Sir Tony Baldry, MP who we learn today has been made a member of the Privy Council. This august body is mostly made up of senior politicians who advise the sovereign on, amongst other things, the issuing of Royal Charters.


Monday 4 November - Autumn Forum "Energy Crisis in the UK?"

AF 4 November


On Monday night Members and their guests gathered to hear a high-powered panel of speakers chaired by Nadia Weekes, Development Editor, Energy & Environmental Publishing at Haymarket, cover a range of issues which are currently affecting the UK's energy supply and issues which will continue to affect it in the future. In a nutshell the UK faces a "trilemma" as it tries to prioritise, not very successfully, between affordability, security of supply and decarbonisation. Failing to grasp this nettle is leading to problems which members of the panel thought might well present themselves between 2014 and 2016. The lights might well go out but more likely is that high energy users such as our industries will have to switch off for periods. Not a happy prospect ..............but a fascinating evening nevertheless.


Thursday, 31 October 2013 - Lunch at Merchant Adventurers' Hall



On Thursday, 31 October the Master, the Clerk and Trevor Fenwick (Chairman of the Membership Development Committee (MDC)) made their way to Merchant Adventurers' Hall in York to attend a lunch. This was the brainchild of Tom Pindar (Liveryman and a member of the MDC) who wanted to gather the members of the Company from the Northern Region together and encourage them to bring along potential new members from the region. There were 25 attendees in total and several membership application packs were handed out so fingers crossed for their return, duly completed!  In the photo above - taken by Malcolm Hull - Tom can be seen addressing the gathering.


   The Compositor in London - the Rise and Fall of a Labour Aristrocracy - A St Bride Library  Publication

Compositor in London

St Bride Library is pleased to announce the publication of Dr I Cannon's  new title, The Compositor in London - the Rise and Fall of a Labour Aristocracy which will certainly take its place in the literature of printing history. This book holds interest for social historians, sociologists, and all who research the story of print; it answers the questions as to who the compositor was and why he held such a special place in this history. The compositor was once a key worker with an unusually high status and his craft helped to shape our culture; he belonged to a defined occupational community with its own customs. In the nineteen fifties compositors formed the largest group of craftsmen in the printing industry but the occupation could not survive the radical technological changes of the twentieth century. For more details about the book, the author and how to buy it please click here.  For more details of the St Bride Foundation of which the Library is part, please click here  

200 Plus Club Winners - September and October  2013
Elaine Pooke reports that  October's  "Shout" was taken at the New Members' Evening at Stationers' Hall. 

1st Prize: Alan Brooker  
2nd Prize: Freddie Fagan  
3rd Prize: Brian Homerton  
4th Prize: Robin Myers  
5th Prize: Mrs Tyrrwhit Drake 

September's  "Shout" was taken at the Livery Autumn Dinner held at Stationers' Hall.


1st Prize: Brian Attwood  
2nd Prize: Peter Gell  
3rd Prize: William Jones  
4th Prize: Russell Spencer  
5th Prize: Martin Perkins


Monday 28 October - The Storm


The predicted storm raged overnight and through into this morning. Travel into London was especially difficult with trains cancelled and severe delays on the underground which was trying to cope with debris on the line and all those passengers who could not travel by train! On arriving in the City, those of us who had made it in, found the Hall safe and sound although the garden had taken a bit of a battering as several small (but big enough to have given anyone in the way a severe bang on the head!) branches had been shed by the tree, as can be seen in the photos above.


Monday, 21 October - Digitising Archives a DMG Event

Digitising Archives


There was an excellent turnout for this DMG event which Martin Woodhead had organised. Martin chaired a distinguished panel of experts including Dr Giles Bergel, Tutorial Fellow, Merton College, University of Oxford spoke about the technologies used in Broadside Ballads online which he has been working; Catt Baum, Conservation Manager at the National Archives spoke on the assessment of archives for the digitising process which she illustrated with examples from several archives that her team have prepared including the assessment of the Stationers' archives (not in a bad condition for their age really was the verdict) and the there were three case studies; Dr Stuart Lee, Reader in E-Learning and Digital Libraries, Merton College, University of Oxford, spoke about the First World War Poetry Digital archive with the help of Richard Morley who read two poems and Caroline Kimbell, Head of Licensing at the National Archives showed the digital archives of the Jubilee Tributes to Queen Victoria  and the archives  of the vast number of Ships Log books which are proving to be invaluable in filling out the weather records as far back as the sixteenth century and thus helping with current meteorological predictions. It was a fascinating evening.



News of Paddy Belton's successful run the length of Ireland

Paddy 1

Liveryman Paddy Belton succeeded in his quest to be the first person to run the 400-mile length of Ireland completely unassisted, arriving in Mizen Head on 6.15 pm Saturday, 12 October after twelve days of running 33 miles each day.  His bid attracted substantial attention from Irish newspapers and radio stations, and lorry and van drivers frequently stopped him on the road to make donations to his appeal for Macmillan Cancer Support, which now stands at £5,000 with Gift Aid (  He is now back in London, with his feet in bandages, happily accepting gin from kind souls fretting about whether he needs rehydration.  


Tuesday, 15 October 2013 - Gutter Clearing


two pics gutter cleaning

Many Stationers will remember the unslightly mark on the front wall of the Hall when very heavy and prolonged rain late last year became too much for the pipework. Today Carl Gilbert and Paul Aouati used the newly acquired safety system, installed around the roof as part of the Summer Works, to go on to the roof and clear the guttering. This will help keep the downpipes free to take the rain thus avoiding further staining (the earlier stain has now been cleaned and the Hall looks much better!) . Giles Fagan took the photos above the second of which shows more clearly just how high up the Hall Staff were working!


2013 Bursary Recipients at the New Members' Evening


Bursary Recipients 2013 at NME


This year's 14 Bursary Recipients have already started their Masters courses. It was good to meet them properly at the New Members' evening on Monday, 14 October although they all came to the Hall for interview back in the summer. They will of course be made free of the Company at this event next year but meanwhile they have all been allocated Stationers as mentors and we wish them well in their studies over the coming months. The photos in the collage above were taken by Sophia Panteli. The way the evening unfolded meant that some students approached the Master from parts of the Hall in such a way that they had their backs to the camera! They will all attend for a Clerk's Briefing in due course and we shall get shots of their faces then!


 Monday, 14 October 2013 - More Freedom Ceremonies!




Immediately prior to the New Members' Evening there were 26 new admissions to the Freedom. 11 of them as previously mentioned were last year's Bursary Recipients (see below) but there were also 15 new Stationers from a variety of provenances within the trades of the guild. We welcome them all.  In the photo above you can see from left to right Robert Bourne, Jessica Bourne, Glyn Farrow, Ross Collins, Susan Cameron, Vida Barr-Jones and Peter Allan.  In the image below you can see from left to right Duncan Tilley, Peter Pickering, Susan Lesser, Sally Hughes, Keith Hampson, Jonathan Grun, Ian Grant (mostly hidden) and Peter Gotham.




Monday, 14 October 2013 -  2012 Bursary Recipients become new Freemen!


NME resized Oct13 - MasterBursary Freemen - Copy

Last night the Master welcomed nearly 170 people to the Hall for our New Members' Evening. Amongst the attendees were Court Assistants, Members bringing potential new members to see what the Company is like, lots of people being made Free of the Company including 11 Bursary Recipients from 2012 and then the 14 Bursary Recipients for 2013. Obviously lots of family and friends came to see the ceremonies. Steve Crocker, a relatively new Freeman, spoke about his experience of life as a Stationer and Trevor Fenwick, chairman of the Membership Development Committee encouraged those considering membership to commit! The office has received several emails today from people who had a good time and, most importantly, from people who have now made their minds up to become Stationers! In the picture above taken by Sophia Panteli you can see the Master with the 2012 Bursary Recipients who were made Free of the Company. From left to right in the photo you can see: Anna-Lisa Searle, Zara Markland, Emily Robertson, Kelly Arnstein, Sarah Beattie;  Nia Beynon, the Master, Ella Dickinson, Unity Blott, Shelley Hale, Fay Humphreys and Fiona Watson.


Out of Print: Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age 


 George Brocks book

It is not really surprising that in a Livery Company whose members cover the Communications and Content Industries there are  amongst them several authors. Kogan Page have recently published a book by Liveryman George Brock, who is Professor and Head of Journalism at City University London and they have kindly agreed a discount of 25% off the RRP (£19.99) for our members when they purchase direct from the Kogan Page site. This includes free P&P in the UK. The discount code can be found on the Members Only area of the website.



 Frank Green, CEO of Leigh Academies Trust to be the new Schools Commissioner

Resized Frank Green

It was announced this morning, Thursday, 3 October that Frank Green, Chief Executive of Leigh Academies Trust and pictured above, has been appointed Schools Commissioner.  This is excellent news and we offer Frank, who has been so central to the Company's bid to sponsor an academy, our congratulations and best wishes for success in the role which will undoubtedly present a challenge or two! You can read the Department for Education's formal announcement here.


 Cloathing - 1 October 2013

Cloathing 1 October 2013

We were delighted, at yesterday's Court Meeting, to welcome into the Livery four new Liverymen.  They are, from left to right in the photo above, Mrs Patricia Deacon – Director, EDD Interim Management Limited, Mr Stewart Barton-Taylor – Managing Director, Barton Taylor Consulting Ltd, Mr Nicholas Alexander – Chairman of Acorn Web Offset Limited and Mr Paul Collins – Sales Manager UK & Ireland, Safescan.
Election of the Lord Mayor - 30 September 2013
Common Hall LM 2013
The Master went of to Guildhall this morning to vote at Common Hall for the Lord Mayor of London. This was preceded by the 9th Supporters Club Breakfast given by The Cook & The Butler which the Master and the Clerk attended before meeting the Hall Manager and the Deputy Clerk in the crypt at Guildhall where the Master donned his gown. He then joined the Masters of the other Livery Companies to process to St Lawrence Jewry for a service and then on to Guildhall to vote. It was good to note this year that all our advance tickets for liverymen who wished to vote flew out of the office so there were plenty of Stationers there doing their civic duty! Giles Fagan took the photo above showing, from left to right, the Master, Carl Gilbert, Hall Manager and the Clerk.


Publishing lives on Radio 4


BBC Publishing Lives

Liveryman Matthew Payne brings the following to our attention:  This week the writer and former publisher Robert McCrum will be presenting a week-long series of programmes on Radio 4 on Publishing Lives, tracing the lives of 5 great British publishers. The series kicks off (on Monday) with the John Murray dynasty, one of the subjects of this year’s Company Archive Evening. Episode 2 covers Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books, ‘the biggest single innovation in books of the twentieth century’. Later programmes include Harold Macmillan (Wednesday), George Weidenfeld (Thursday) and Geoffrey Faber (Friday).
Each 15 minute programme starts at 1.45pm. For further information see and presumably catch the programmes that you miss on BBC iPlayer.


Stationers’ Hall Open Day - Tuesday, 8 October from 9am to 5pm




Members will be interested to note that Chester Boyd and Stationers’ Hall are hosting an open day for event bookers to see the event and conference spaces at Stationers' Hall, plus a showcase of spectacular AV from the in house AV Company – Eclipse Presentations.  If any of you are looking for space for a business or private booking you might like to take advantage of this opportunity.  To do so you must register which you can do by clicking Register Now


The Bookseller Rising Stars 2013 - Congratulations to two Stationers


Alex and Ella

Many congratulations to Stationers Alex Hardy of Harbottle & Lewis who works in intellectual property law and who is, according to the Bookseller's citation "one of sharpest IP brains in town" (well we knew that!),  and Ella Kahn, one of the founders of the Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency which, whilst still a relative newcomer on the scene, is growing very healthily and destined for great things. Both these Stationers were in the Bookseller Rising Stars list for 2013. Alex is on the left and Ella on the right in the image above.


More physical exercise for charity from Pádraig Belton


P Belton Sept 2013

Liveryman Pádraig Belton is following his Land's End to John o' Groats cycle undertaken last October, by running the length of Ireland this October. He will be running 400 miles from Malin to Mizen, between the 1 and 12 October, to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

 There's more information online at, and Paddy would be very grateful for support and donations. There will be a small documentary recorded at a few points along the way, and all Stationers are warmly welcome at the charity dinner after, in the House of Lords on the 18th October (for more information, please e-mail

 Paddy thinks he is the first person to attempt to run the length of Ireland solo and unaccompanied - he says he puts it down to not knowing anyone with a car. Naturally, we wish Paddy, who, as can be seen in the photo above, spent a few minutes after the recent Livery Committee Meeting limbering-up in the garden at Stationers' Hall, a safe and successful run.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013 - Welcome to Carl Gilbert, Hall Manager

resized and cropped


Carl arrived at the Hall last Monday, 9 September, to take up the role of Hall Manager. His first week was a whirlwind of getting to know the building and working events including the massively important concert with the Hanover Band on his very first day and a wedding anniversary party last weekend! Yesterday we grabbed the chance to get a picture of him. We hope that when you next visit the Hall you will recognise him, introduce yourselves and make him welcome.


Monday, 16 September 2013 - Giles Deacon's London Fashion Week Show

GD Sept 2013


The Hall reverberated to loud music and much coming and going for most of the day but it was good to see the Deacon team back at Stationers' Hall. There is lots of coverage of the show in the Daily Mail online, the Independent and Grazia - not much mention of the beautiful setting but we can admire it in these great photos taken by Michelle Whitfield! There were several well-known fashion names at the show including Cara Delevingne on the catwalk and Lily Allen (seen in the Hall in the orange coat in the pictures above), Nick Grimshaw Tamara Beckwith, and many more, in the audience. Quite a night!


Private Business of the Year Award - Winner: Euromonitor International Ltd, MD, Trevor Fenwick


 SA13982 - Copy

Many congratulations to Court Assistant Trevor Fenwick, MD of Euromonitor International on the Company's success in the Private Business Awards 2013. Euromonitor was named Private Business of the Year and Trevor received the award (see picture above) at a glittering ceremony which was attended by George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer. The award was given for innovation and export success and Trevor, in announcing the award to the Euromonitor team the next day, paid tribute to their hard work and excellence.   Previous winners have been Dyson and JCB.  The picture above shows (l to r) Naga Munchetty, presenter of the awards, Charlie Hoffman, Managing Director, HSBC Private Bank (UK) Ltd.; Trevor Fenwick, Managing Director, Euromonitor International Ltd (winner); Robert Senior, Chairman, Euromonitor International Ltd (winner); Peter Boyles, CEO, HSBC Private Bank; and Ruby Parmar, Partner, PwC, Head of Private Business. For more details about the Awards ceremony and winners in other categories please go to


Monday, 16 September 2013 - Freedom Ceremony

Freedom 16 September 2013 resized


Members will remember that in September last year the Master & Wardens' meeting decamped to Cutlers' Hall because we had a London Fashion Week booking for Stationers' Hall. Well it happened again this year which is cause for pleasure all round - a great booking for the Hall (Giles Deacon again for the fashion aficionados) and the chance to visit the beautiful Cutlers' Hall. The new members whose freedom ceremony was held there are (from L to R in the photo above) Chris Jolly, MD of Jolly Learning Ltd; Emma Hartley, a Freelance Journalist; Philip Allen, retired Publisher; Andrea Carr, Managing Director of Rising Stars UK Ltd; Simon Greaves, Financial Journalist and Sailing Correspondent for the FT and Steve Crump, Director of 30 Degrees South. We extend a warm welcome to them and hope to see them at Stationers’ Hall before too long.


Nick Alexander - success in the Lond Distance European Triathlon Championships



As posted earlier in September, on 1 September 2013,  Freeman Nick Alexander competed for Great Britain in the European Championships for the Ironman version of the Triathlon. Just finishing upright is quite a feat and these great pictures show him doing so in style! He went on to be admitted to the Freedom of the City a few days later so all in all quite a week for him!


The Hanover Band - Monday 9 September 2013


Hanover Band 9 Sept resized for web

The Hall, with its gorgeous new floor and splendidly repainted walls in the Reception and Crush Landing areas, resounded to glorious music on Monday, 9 September when the Hanover Band (photo above by Sophia Panteli) performed a programme of music by Mozart.  HRH the Duke of Kent was present as was the Lord Mayor whose Appeal Fund shared the proceeds with the Stationers' Foundation. After the concert many stayed on for the Candlelit Dinner in the Court Room.  The event was a huge success and thanks must go to Spicers who are one of our Corporate Members, as well as to the Leather Bottle Trust and Berforts Information Press for their sponsorship.


Belated Congratulations to Kevin Fitzgerald CMG

KevinFitzgerald print


Kevin Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of CLA and a Liveryman, was awarded a CMG in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in June this year. The citation is for services to British economic interests, particularly the promotion of intellectual property internationally and the welfare of British nationals in prison abroad. Members will be familiar with Kevin's work at the CLA. A world authority on the copyright aspects of intellectural property and publishing, Kevin has achieved a concensus on the importance of new economic models for cross-border licensing in the EU, reached an agreement with Indian counterparts and is working on launching an effective collecting society in China......and more!  All this contributes hugely to the UK's economy. Members may not, however, be aware of his work as Chairman of Prisoners Abroad which gives such valuable support to prisoners overseas, nor of his leading role in the development of a new primary school in India. Belated, but heartfelt, congratulations Kevin!



200 Plus Club Winners - August 2013

Elaine Pooke reports that August's  "Shout" was taken at Guildhall on 27 August at the Freedom of the City Ceremony of a Stationer. 

1st Prize: Janet Attwood
2nd Prize: Timothy Green
3rd Prize: Wendy Pegge
4th Prize: Johanna Stapleton
5th Prize: John Waterlow


Stationers' Hall on TV again! Thursday, 22 August 2013


 Stationers' Hall, together with Sue Hurley our Archivist and Sam, the Hall Assistant, enjoyed their moment in the limelight last night as, after months of waiting, the episiode of  'Who Do You Think You Are?' featuring Gary Lineker was aired. You can catch it on i-Player here. Watch it all, or go straight to the the part featuring Stationers' Hall from 33 minutes onwards. It will be on i-Player until 9:59PM on Wednesday, 2 Oct 2013 and is worth watching both to see Stationers' Hall looking great and because the stories of Gary's ancestors are poignant.


A Visitor Appreciates Stationers' Hall



Members in the area covered by the West Sussex Gazette will have read the coverage of the installation of Tom Hempenstall (a resident of West Sussex) as Master of the Company. That coverage prompted Sandra Saer to write to the paper with memories of her visit to Stationers' Hall when she represented the late Patrick Moore.  His book Within The Glade - poems for children of all ages! was a finalist for The People's Book Prize which is organised by Liveryman Tatiana von Saxe Wilson. Mrs Saer's letter was published in the paper last week. She sat  next to Past Master McKane at the Gala Dinner and had really enjoyed hearing all about the history of the Hall. She was particularly struck by the Court Room fireplace, in front of which the photo above was taken.


Long Distance Triathlon - Sunday, 1 September 2013


Triathlonn Alexander

Members will want to wish Nick Alexander (pictured above), a Freeman and MD of Acorn Web Offset, well as he competes for Great Britain in the ETU Long Distance European Triathlon Championships, which will be held in Vichy, France on 1 September. This feat of endurance will involve Nick in a 3.9k swim, 112 mile cycle ride and a marathon run. You may be surprised to know that there is more than one sort of triathlon and this is the 'Ironman' version which is much longer than the triathlon in which the which the Brownlee brothers (Olympic medallists in 2012) compete which is known as a 'Standard or Olympic distance' triathlon!


200 Plus Club Winners - July 2013

Elaine Pooke reports that July's "Shout" was at the the Digital roundtable talk from HP on "The Future of Printing Technology"

1st Prize: Victor Adshead
2nd Prize: David Campbell
3rd Prize: Sandra Hull
4th Prize: Mandy Moore
5th Prize: Michael Wookey



Summer Works - Monday, 5 August 2013

Summer works floors


The Summer close-down has well and truly started with a bang - well lots of bangs really! The Hall floor (see photo on right) is being replaced and the Stock Room floor (see photo on left) sanded. Already, as the work has progressed through this first morning the Stock Room floor has begun to look clean and smooth and the colour of the floor is very mellow. In the Hall, as you can see, it is more of a case of it is going to look a lot worse before it gets better! These photos were taken by Sue Carson.


Divine Music for Trumpets and Voices - book your tickets now


We have been contacted by Dr Clare Gifford, the Lady Mayoress, about something to look forward to in September!

’Divine Music for Trumpets and Voices’ is an entertainment in music and words devised by Ben Hoffnung (son of Gerard) and David Blackadder. Simon Russell Beale will play the role Handel, joining forces with a baroque orchestra, a gallery full of trumpets, the Elysian Singers and soloists Sophie Bevan, Christopher Lowrey and Neal Davies.

Click here for details

Proceeds will go to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.


Congratulations to Sir David Metcalf


small davidmetcalf

Members will want to join us in congratulating (somewhat belatedly) Liveryman,  Professor Sir David Metcalf,  who was made a Knight Bachelor in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in June 2013. Sir David was honoured for services to UK migration policy.



David Starkey's Music and the Monarchy - BBC 2 Saturday Evenings

 BBC screen print David Starkeys Music and Monarchy resized

Spotted in the first of a series of four programmes presented by David Starkey on Music and the Monarchy was this image of Stationers' Hall! It also appears in the trailer for the programme. As the second programme in the series (Saturday, 27 July) is about Henry Purcell, whose music has been performed at the Hall from the moment he wrote it, we can hope to see more and longer shots of the Hall in all its glory! Click here to find out more about the programme.



 The House of Waterlow

 Waterlow book pic

 Members will be interested to know of a book called The House of Waterlow which is due to be published on 1 August 2013 through Troubador Publishing. The Stationers' Company, which has been served by many Waterlows over the years, is mentioned several times.  These  include a description of James Waterlow, born 19 April 1790, becoming an apprentice at Stationers' Hall in 1804. Click here for details.  Once the book is published it can be obtained from We have a copy in the office which can be inspected by prospective purchasers!



News of National Stationery Week

Nat Stat Week new notice

Liveryman Christopher Leonard-Morgan writes that National Stationery Week’s Get Britain Writing campaign in April 2013 reached millions of consumers in the UK and throughout the world with extensive coverage in the national and regional press, consumer magazines and blogs, as well as on radio, websites, Twitter and Facebook…and London taxis. As well as coverage in numerous publications including the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Mirror, Sunday Times, Stylist, Red and Waitrose Weekend, many retailers ran special promotions.  Even primary schools got involved and encouraged students to write letters, improve their handwriting and sing songs about stationery!  Next year’s National Stationery Week will take place from Monday, 31 March to  Sunday, 6 April and for more information go to


Congratuatltions to two Bursary Recipients

Emily Robertson


Congratulations to Emily Robertson (pictured above) a Young Stationer and Bursary Recipient. She has just been in touch with Pàdraig Belton to say that, following her MA in Publishing course at Oxford Brookes funded by the Stationers, she is very excited to let us all know that she will be starting on Monday as an Editorial Assistant at Hodder & Stoughton.  Congratulations are also due to Nia Beynon another Bursary Recipient who studied for an MA in Electronic Publishing at  City University and who has landed a job with Faber in e-book distribution.



 A New Campaign from INCPEN


Jane Bickerstaff, Director of INCPEN (and a Liveryman) has launched a new campaign which shows how packaging helps avoid food waste which everyone knows is a huge environmental disaster – both in developing and developed countries.  Even though enough food is grown today to feed the whole population, the problem is either it doesn’t survive the journey to them or it gets wasted when it gets there. Solutions are available - one of the most effective is packaging but it’s often ignored.  She says "Have a look at our ‘The Good, The Bad and The Spudly’ campaign to see how packaging helps. So often in the media, packaging is portrayed as having a negative impact on the environment when actually it has a positive impact. 

This is our first ever digital-only campaign, and to support it we have launched a Facebook Page and new-look website. 

We hope you enjoy the campaign and please do help us to spread the word via Twitter using the hash tag #Spudly."  Click the links below to go through to various elents of the INCPEN campaign.

 Take a look at the                      Watch the                                    We have a new
 micro-site                                  (potentially) award                     website too. Enjoy
here                                          winning video here                   our new look  here  

Spudly 2



A Great Exhibition - Byron and politics: ‘born for opposition’

1pg 2013

Members will be interested to know that King’s College London and the National Library of Scotland have mounted  a new collaborative exhibition, Byron and politics: ‘born for opposition’, which is open in the Weston Room at the Maughan Library of King’s College London, Chancery Lane, until 25 September 2013.

Jointly mounted by the John Murray Archive of the National Library of Scotland (many Members will remember that the Senior Curator of the John Murray Archive, David McClay, spoke at the Archive evening in April) and the Foyle Special Collections Library of King’s College London, this exhibition brings together original literary and political manuscripts, private letters, printed editions and personal possessions of the poet, many of them never exhibited in public before. It has been conceived to coincide with the 39th International Byron Conference, held at King’s from 1 to 6 July 2013.  On show are over 50 items from the two institutions, together with a number of private loans, which together throw light on the many aspects of Byron’s involvement in politics in Britain, Italy and Greece and on his fascination with the triumphs and failures of his fallen hero, Napoleon Bonaparte. Exhibits include Byron’s own collection of spoils gathered from the battlefield of Waterloo during a visit in 1816; the manuscript and first printed edition of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage: Canto III (1816); letters from Byron to his friend John Cam Hobhouse and his publisher John Murray II; an early manuscript draft of his parliamentary speech on Roman Catholic emancipation; and his deadly swordstick, a personal effect which recalls both Byron’s lameness and his role as a man of action in the cause of freedom.  For details of access and opening hours, please click this link. 


Trade Association Lunch - Monday, 8 July 2013

TA Lunch 8 July 2013


Dr Will Barton, Head of Manufacturing at the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) was the speaker at a lunch held at Stationers' Hall on Monday, 8 July 203 for representatives of the Trade Associations in the Communications and  Content Industries.  There were 16 TAs represented and as well as hearing about how the TSB helps British companies  with innovation, both in terms of science and technology and also in getting business and products to markets. There was plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate.  One area of the TSB's offering which seemed of particular interest was their range of 15 Knowledge Transfer Networks of which one is specific to the Creative Industries  Click here to find out more about the TSB. In the picture above you can see, from left to right, Tom Bowtell (BCF), Edward Milford (IPG), Dr Will Barton (TSB),  Ian Locks (Upper Warden), Kevin Fitzgerald (CLA), Helen Esmonde (Under Warden) and Dick Searle (Packaging Federation).

 Master's Installation Party- Tuesday, 2 July 2013


After all the business of the day, and what with rehearsals and Court Meetings and Common Hall it was a very busy day, it was lovely for the Company to be able to relax and celebrate the installation of another new Master.  The weather celebrated too and after the threat of rain all day it stayed fine so that we were all able to enjoy the moment....... and the garden. In this photo you can see David Allan, John Waterlow, Louise Steidl, Gillian Allan, Nick Steidl and Camilla Waterlow. 


Book Presentations to the Company

Latest News image for July 10


The Company has recently been presented with two magnificent and very old books.  At their final AGM the Freemen's Association very generously presented John Stow's Survey of London to the Company.  This contains amusing anecdotes and descriptions of buildings and customs of London.  Depicted on the left of the  image above is the entry for the Stationers' Company and Terry Shapland making the presentation to Kevin Dewey. Stow knew the leading antiquarians of his day including Camden whose tome Britannia,  a topographical and historical survey of all of Great Britain and Ireland, was presented to the Company by Margaret Rodgers.  Margaret is the daughter of Past Master Sidney Hodgson and widow of Court Assistant Rodgers.  She and Michael, her son and a Liveryman, attended Common Hall and Kevin Dewey was honoured to accept the volume on behalf of the Company.  On the right of the image above you can see one of its glorious pages, a map of Dorset (the book is renowned for being the first of its kind to have county maps),  and Margaret and Michael Rodgers with Kevin Dewey.


Master's Installation - Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Badge goes on

At a ceremony following Common Hall the outgoing Master's last formal duty is to oversee the installation of the new Master.  It is a ceremony which is preceded by the installation of the new Under Warden and Upper Warden and there is much declaring, signing and gown and badge donning but there is a real frisson of excitement as the new Master's badge goes around his neck.  The moment was captured in this photo by Andrea Lestrange


Common Hall - Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Common Hall 2013

Freemen and Liverymen gathered on Tuesday, 2 July to attend Common Hall.  They were able to read and comment on reports from the various committees and listen to one from the outgoing Master. If you were not able to make Common Hall you can read the various reports by clicking  here. (at the time of posting 9 July 2013 - second item down on the Notice Board page). In the photo above you can see from left to right at the table Tom Corrigan (Treasurer), Tom Hempenstall (Upper Warden), Kevin Dewey, (Master), William Alden (Clerk) and Ian Locks (Under Warden).



 Shine School Media Awards - Monday, 24 June 2013

Shine resized

What a succesful competition this has become and how delightful it was to see so many enthusiastic and able young people streaming in to Stationers' Hall.  They were all eager to see if they had won any one of some 13 categories ranging from Best Newspaper, Best Magazine and Best Online News to Best Community Initiative and Best Photography, via Most Outstanding pupil and Most Inspirational Teacher.  From the Company's point of view it was especially good to see so many sponsors and supporters providing workshops on topics as varied as  paper, bookbinding and apprenticeships. In the photo above you can see The Court Room absolutely packled with exhibition stands and students - a great sight!  

200 Plus Club Winners - June 2013


Elaine Pooke reports that June's  "Shout" was at the Shine School Media Awards Lunch on 25 June 2013 at Stationers' Hall.


1st   Prize Sarah Blair Oliphant

2nd Prize David Hicks

3rd  Prize Toby Marchant

4th  Prize Claud Potter

5th  Prize Mrs J M Ward


Events in the City of London this summer

resized Beerfest-Eflyer

There is such a lot going on in the City of London this summer and you can find out about walks, exhibitions, concerts, etc at the Vist the City website.  However, one event which looks great fun is the city's first everoutdoor beer festival which will take place on 4 July in Guildhall Yard and you can get 20% off the ticket price when you book online.  Click here!  Proceeds will go towards the Lord Mayor's Appeal.


Copyright Forum - Monday, 17 June 2013

Copyright Forum 17 june 2013

There was a great turnout from members and guests for the Stationers' Copyright Forum on Monday evening. The first speaker was Sarah Faulder of the Publishers Licensing Society who nobly stood in for Richard Mollet of the Publishers Association (he having been called away to Brussels for an international meeting about copyright!).  The second was David Worlock whose publishing track record is incredibly long and who currently co-chairs and manages Outsell’s Executive Programs (Outsell helps publishers and commercial information providers grow their business). Philip Walters (Liveryman) was in the chair. It was obvious that there were points of disagreement especially when the audience was invited to join the debate but the whole evening was interesting, instructive and very good humoured. Click here to read a report. In the photo above you can see from left to right Sarah Faulder, Philip Walters and David Worlock.

Awards and Committees Lunch - Monday, 17 June 2013

Awards 17 June 2013 resized

Each year at the Awards and Committees lunch the Company recognises the commitment and efforts of the many members who give their time to serving on the committees and work so hard on the Company's behalf.  The Master expressed his gratitude to those who were stepping down having completed their terms of office.  He also presented two awards. The Francis Mathew Scholarship was presented to Rachael Seculer-Faber who is currently studying for a Graduate Diploma in the Conservation of Books & Library Materials at West Dean College, West Sussex. She plans to attend the Islamic Manuscript Association’s ‘Intensive Introduction to Islamic Codicology’ Short Course, as a first step towards her goal of building a career as a professional Conservator, working across cultural traditions.  The award for achievement in the City & Guilds course Diploma in Media Techniques went to Christopher Leach who, as well as producing excellent coursework, was the driving force behind his college radio station! His tutors recount that Christopher has demonstrated consistent commitment, energy and enthusiasm, was always prepared to go the extra mile in his research, writing and presenting and this led to consistently strong pieces of Journalism and many examples of genuine excellence. In the photo above you can see from left to right Rachael, the Master and Christopher.

Freedom Ceremony - Monday, 17 June 2013

Freedom Photo 17 June 2013 resized

At the start of a very busy day at the Hall the Master was pleased to conduct a Freedom Ceremony and welcome two new Freemen.  From left to right in the photo above they are Donal Smith who is the Founder of Credit Benchmark and Stewart Barton-Taylor who is Managing Director of Barton Taylor Consulting.  We look forward to seeing them at events at the Hall in the near future.


Royal Marines Awards - Tuesday, 4 June 2013

RMs at RJS day awards ceremony

The Hall and the Stock Room were full almost to overflowing for a wonderful lunch following the traditional Bubble service at St Bride's.  Stationers and their guests relaxed and enjoyed each others' company.  Towarsd the end the Master spoke briefly to thank the Renter Wardens for their service and to make several awards to high achieveng Royal Marines.  The Cox Cup, which is awarded to the Royal Marine achieving the highest marks in last year's Combat Intelligence C2 Course, went this year to LCpl Stuart Chalmers.  The Stationers' Trophy is awarded to the Royal Marine achieving the highest marks in last year’s Clerks’ and Stores Accountants’ Course at the Commando Training Centre, Lympstone and was awarded this year to Mne Steele Saunders.  In the photo above you can see from L to R Sgt Ben Briggs RM, LCp Stuart Chalmers RM, the Master,  Maj Simon Reeves RM, Mne Steele Saunders, and Sgt Alan Dodd RM.


Richard Johnson Service - Tuesday, 4 June 2013

St Brides RJS resized

St Bride's Church (photo above) was full for the annual Richard Johnson Service and the congregation were inspired by wonderful readings, superb music (including the traditional Bubble Anthem) and a sermon from the Reverend Canon John Fellows (click here to read it in full).  The Clerk read out the names of those members who had died in the last year and at the end of the service we all sang the National Anthem to mark 60 years since the Queen's coronation and the fact that she herself was attending a service of thanksgiving that morning in Westminster Abbey. As we left the church the sun was shining and a stream of stationers strolled back up Ludgate Hill for Lunch at the Hall.


New Liverymen Cloathed - Tuesday, 4 June 2013


The day of the Richard Johnson service is always a very busy day at the Hall with a very early start for those who are involved in the Cloathing ceremony as on this occasion  the cloathing happens at the beginning of the Court meeting rather than at the end.  Therefore 8.30 am this morning saw John Buffoni of Ryedale Group and Robert McClements of Print Yorkshire ready to rehearse.  The actual ceremony started promptly at 9.00 am and while the Court then moved on to its business agenda the new Liverymen had their photos taken on the the sunshine! We welcome them as new Liverymen and look forward to seeing them at the Hall frequently in the future.

200 Plus Club Winners - May 2013
Elaine Pooke reports that May's  "Shout" was at the Freedom Ceremony at the Hall on 13 May at Stationers' Hall.
1st   Prize Robert Bourne
2nd Prize Lewis Green
3rd  Prize Virginia Walker
4th  Prize Jeremy Hutton
5th  Prize Michael Barnard

The People's Book Prize - Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Stationers' Hall was pleased to be the venue again this year for the annual awards ceremony for the People's Book Prize (the winning books are voted for by the public)  which is aimed at finding, supporting and promoting new and undiscovered works. Liveryman Tatiana von Saxe Wilson and fellow People's Book Prize Director, Tony Humphreys, welcomed the winners, Patron Frederick Forsythe CBE and other guests including Dermot Murnaghan and Kevin Ashman from BBC 2's Eggheads to the ceremony which was followed by a splendid dinner in the Court Room. You can read more about the winners here.  In the photo above you can see from left to right: TPBP Winners: Griselda Heppel (Ante’s Inferno), Tatiana Wilson (TPBP Founder), Eileen Younghusband (One Woman’s War), Frederick Forsyth CBE (TPBP Patron), Tony Humpreys (TPBP Director), Amy Elliott-Smith (A Guide to Becoming Distinctly Average), and William Ayot (E-Mail From the Soul).

Scaffolding at the Hall - May 2013


Following a gas escape from the old flue, work has had to be done on servicing the boilers and installing a new flue. We are all very familiar with the entrance to the Hall and its magnificent frontage but few of us investigate the Caxton Window wall from the outside.  Work should be finished on the flues very shortly and if you have time do go and have a look at that noble piece of brickwork!

Super Fast WiFi - Wednesday, 29 May 2013


The incredibly observant amongst those members who have been to the Hall recently may have noticed some odd additions (see the photo above of the back of the PA system desk!) to the fittings and fixtures.  Hopefully they are relatively unobtrusive and certainly they have been placed specifically so as to be minimally visible. They are the access points for the super fast (100 MB) WiFi which has just come on-line at the Hall.  There is now strong WiFi coverage through out the building which will be highly attractive to certain commercial clients who amongst other things, will be able to broadcast live from their conferences, etc, from now on.

Summer Forum - Tuesday 28 May 2013


As you will be able to see from the photo above the Hall was absolutely packed for an extremely interesting evening held in conjunction with Gresham College.  Three distinguished experts presented fascinating ideas on Armageddon in Cyberspace.  Ben Hammersley (inset top), currently the Prime Minister's Ambassador to TechCity and Editor at Large of WIRED magazine (UK) amongst many other things, expounded the theory that actually what we all secretly wanted was for the Internet to fail and cause mayhem (Armageddon) and it just is not going to do that! How we use it might cause problems but cyberspace is not going to get too full and fail. Professor Angela Sasse (inset centre), Head of Information Security Research, Director of the Science of Cyber Security Research Institute and Director of the Academic Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research at UCL took a view of Armageddon which saw the user pitched against technology and indeed the technologists on the security battlefield.  She felt that this particular battle could be done away with if only the technologists recognised what users can realistically cope with in terms of passwords, etc.  If systems were not so complicated then we would not compromise the security of our data by, for example, writing down our passwords, etc.  Finally Alexander Carter-Silk (inset bottom), Head of Intellectual Property, Technology and Data at Speechly Bircham LLP described several crises caused by IT glitches ranging from the well-known and recent banking failure here in the UK to massive power failure across the whole of the East Coast of America caused in part by a software bug! Not a hugely reassuring note to end on so it was good to have a range of questions from the floor to end with!

Shine School Media Awards - final judging, Monday, 21 May 2013


The Hall hummed with quiet deliberation today as an illustrious panel of 21 judges pondered magazines, newspapers and online publications and chose the winners. From an initial entry of c 200 schools some 41 had been shortlisted and the judges, who included Simon Heffer of the Daily Mail, Jo Warner-Howard of the Copyright Licensing Agency, Louise Court of Cosmopolitan and Rob Shepherd of Shepherds Bookbinders Ltd  (from left to right in the insert)  assessed the submissions for the following categories: Best Cover, Best Design and Layout, Best Original Artwork & Photography, Best Feature Article, Best Overall Editorial Content, Best Commercial Strategy, Community Initiative, Best Environmental Strategy, Inspirational Teacher, Outstanding Pupil, Best Online, Best Newspaper and Best Magazine.  The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony which will be held at the Hall on Monday, 24 June.

New Freemen - Monday, 13 May 2013


At the Master and Wardens' meeting on Monday, 13 May two new Freemen entered the Company - Steven  Crocker, Managing Director, CTS Sales & Service Ltd and Patricia Deacon, Director, EDD Interim Management Limited. We look forward to seeing them at the Hall frequently in the future especially Steve - Pat is already  a regular visitor with husband Eddie who is a Liveryman.

The People's Book Prize 2013


We are pleased that the Hall will once again be the venue for the People's Book Prize awards ceremony.  This event recognises writing talent as voted for by the public and winners will be recognized on Wednesday, 29 May at 7.00 pm at  a reception and dinner (black tie) in the presence of Frederick Forsyth CBE.  Previous winners can be seen at  Liveryman Tatiana von Saxe Wilson tells us that there are still a few tickets left for the evening. Please note that the Stationers' Company office is not involved in organising this event and if you would like to attend please book your ticket direct on




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