The Welfare Fund

The Welfare Fund

The Company's principal welfare activity is the provision of annual or one-off grants of money to persons in need, hardship or distress.
The following are eligible for consideration:-

.   Liverymen and Freemen of the Company
.   Their spouses, partners or dependants
.   Other persons at the Trustees' discretion

In the first instance applicants for grants should write to:-

Pamela Butler, Administrator, The Stationers' Foundation, Stationers' Hall, Ave Maria Lane, London EC4M 7DD

Email: foundation@stationers.org

or complete the application form here.

Please set out as much information about yourself as you can and your reason for applying for a grant. The application will be passed to the Honorary Almoner who will contact the applicant to discuss their application and if necessary arrange a convenient time to visit them to determine their suitability for recommending assistance from the Trustees.

All financial assistance will be means tested and recommendations for support will be based upon need and upon the Trustees’ view of the value of the support.

The Trustees’ decisions are final and no appeals will be countenanced.

Honorary Almoner

The Honorary Almoner has a Discretionary Fund which can be used in cases of extreme emergency. Should a Stationer become aware that a fellow Stationer or member of his/her family requires help, they should contact the Honorary Almoner direct to discuss the situation in the first instance.
The Honorary Almoner is also available to provide advice and moral support for members and their families who get into difficulty.

The Honorary Almoner is:-

Mr Robert Sanger 
Tel: 020 8451 2025
Email: robert@rasanger.co.uk




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