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23 JUNE 2021

‘Necessity is the mother of invention, and new and exciting developments are already emerging from areas as diverse as online education and disposable paper products. We want to celebrate achievements within the content and communications industries.’

Jill Jones, Chair of the Awards

Our 2021 Winners are:

Innovator of the Year

Turn on the Subtitles 

This year’s Stationers’ Company Innovator of the Year Award has gone not to a product, nor a service, but to a campaign. It is the first‑time this has happened in the history of the Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Awards.

Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading. It’s so brilliantly simple and can help children’s literacy so much that the Turn on the Subtitles team want to shout it from the rooftops!

This campaign was about how Turn on the Subtitles got that message out to millions of parents, helped millions of kids improve their reading skills and started changing the course of TV programming forever. 


Category Winners:

Business Process

Troika Systems for AniCAM HD

The AniCAM HD provides accurate 3D volumetric and cell geometry results for Anilox, measurement values are based against proven values from WCPC (Swansea University), allowing the printer to obtain accurate repeatable results easily for the correct management of their anilox inventory, to establish an accurate standard for all, as there is currently no standard for the volumetric values for anilox.

Communications including Marketing

Turn on the Subtitles for Turn on the Subtitles

Customer Experience

Class Professional Publishing for ParaPass

ParaPass is an app which supports paramedic learning and development and helps toward their CPD. The app presents quizzing on the JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines and Standby CPD on one platform, offering paramedics case scenarios, multiple choice quizzes and self‑assessment questions which help them develop in their practice. 

Product Design 

Kogan Page Ltd for Kogan Page Accessible Ebook programme

The Accessible eBook Programme was created with the aim of delivering Kogan Page books in a format that is useful and accessible to all readers, including those who are blind, cognitively impaired, have low vision, or are otherwise print impaired. This aim was achieved by creating an XHTML born‑accessible production workflow which outputs world‑leading accessible EPUB 3.2 files. The largely automated XHTML workflow ensures that every eBook adheres to the WCAG 2.0 and EPUB Accessibility 1.0 standards, passes the latest versions of DAISY Ace and EPUBCheck with zero errors, conforms to the rules of a bespoke schema, through proprietary online validation tools, and is Global Certified Accessible™.

Service Development

World Textile Information Network for WTiN Discovery

WTiN Discovery is a feature set within the membership platform. It’s all about harnessing technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to help readers discover content faster and uncover data and trends that may have passed them by if they weren’t using the tools. Discovery features extend from a feature‑packed website search to visualisations that leverage natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to give deep insight into unstructured data.


TrustElevate for Making the internet a safer place for children

TrustElevate is a Child Verification and Parental Consent Provider. We have built the world’s first solution that securely verifies the age or identity of users under the age of 16 via their telco using anonymous tokens. This is in contrast to other solutions that rely on self‑declaration, intrusive biometrics and/or the sharing of personal information. TrustElevate will make the internet a safer and more private place for children by enabling businesses to limit inappropriate contact between children and adults, comply with privacy regulations and serve age‑appropriate content to their users. 

Pandemic Response Exceptional Performance 

Renz UK Ltd 

Renz UK entered the Awards with their product the Renz AIR2COLOUR which is a Co2 Traffic Light Air Quality Meter. However, it was the significant response by this established company (founded in 1882) which is a leading designer and manufacturer of punching and binding equipment to pivot to quickly produce quality PPE for managing business in a Covid environment that made a strong impression on the judges. The judges were unanimous in their agreement that this terrific pivot by Renz, exemplified by the AIR2COLOUR product, is a substantial adaptation to the pandemic, and a major step forward in assisting customers to provide safe, quality working environments for employees and businesses.


You can watch the Awards Ceremony which took place on 22 June here: