The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


Through the Stationers’ Company, members are offered a unique opportunity to further the interests of our sectors.  They can also meet with the many leaders of the industries, network and enjoy socialising with those with a common interest and share in the life and traditions of the City of London.

Why get involved and what does membership offer?

The Stationers' Company membership has grown consistently over recent years and is drawn from a full range of industries covering paper, packaging, publishing, newspaper, broadcasting, digital media, office products, journalism, graphic design and book conservation.

Benefits of membership focus on the chance to get involved, to meet each other, to hear other points of view and widen your knowledge but also offer:

Career Development - delivered by -

  • our Bursaries programme and Mentoring
  • our Young Stationers' Events


  • at Industry Events
  • Direct introductions to Corporate Members
  • Direct involvement in the City of London's wider work
  • Contributing to the Stationers' Foundation

Read about some of our members and their experience of becoming a member:

Freeman lJessica Zbinden-Webster

Jessica joined the Company in 2017 and has much enjoyed joining in with the Young Stationers' activities.  Clic

Past Master l Helen Esmonde

Helen Esmonde

“I joined the Stationers' Company as I have been involved with publishing, design, print and paper for most of my working life and thoroughly enjoy the fellowship of those in these and related trades. The magnificent Stationers' Hall provides a splendid setting for social events and lectures and for making new contacts. The Company is rightly very proud of its long and rich history. The sense of this history and tradition makes every visit to the Hall a delight. I find my involvement with the Stationers' Company, both socially and on the Court, to be hugely enjoyable, stimulating and inspirational.”

Under Warden l Moira Sleight l Editor and Publisher l Methodist Recorder 

Moira Sleight

“As a Member of the Stationers and Newspaper Makers Company, I greatly value the wonderful networking opportunities in such a fine and friendly setting. As a hub of the communication and contents industries, the magnificent Stationers’ Hall is a natural meeting place for journalists and all associated with the media.”

Liveryman l Peter Beckwith l Former Managing Director l Fiskeby Board


"Since becoming a Stationer I have had many opportunities to entertain and educate colleagues and friends from the packaging industry in our wonderful Hall. The Company has provided an interesting and enjoyable range of ways in which to get involved and mix with people from a variety of related and yet diverse industries. Having been involved in the preparation work for the Packaging Drivers report I am delighted to confirm that the Stationers' Company has clearly set out its stall to be a fact and knowledge destination for the packaging industry as well as one of the most unique venues in the country."

Court Assistant l Oliver Gadsby l Chief Executive l Rowman & Littlefield International


"I joined the Stationers’ in 2011, and instantly discovered a delightful mix of people, events and business insights. I've skied for the Stationers, cycled with them, and I've joined the group of mentors at the new Stationers’ Academy in south-east London. At the glorious Hall, I have attended informal after-work discussions of key business issues, a concert and candle-lit meal, and a few grander dinners which draw on the long history of the Company. By getting involved, I've met people with a fascinating range of business and life experience, and convivial conversation has been a feature of every visit."

Liveryman l Bettine Pellant l CEO l Picon

 Bettine says ‘‘For me, Membership of the Stationers’ Company falls into a number of categories; the opportunity to meet others in our diverse industry, to learn, to engage in lively debate, to be part of a proud heritage and equally important – to have fun!’’ 

Watch Bettine talking in more detail about her membership of the Company.



Liveryman l Tej P. S. Sood l Managing Director and Publisher l Anthem Press


"I enjoy taking part in the ancient traditions of the City of London as it marries these with cutting-edge thinking, innovation and diversity. In a similar vein, it is a real privilege as a Liveryman of the Stationers’ Company to be a member of an institution that carries 600 years of history whilst being thoroughly relevant in the modern world. By offering a refreshing variety of opportunities for involvement in ceremonial, social, charitable and industry activities in the UK and increasingly abroad (though not limited to the Inter Livery Ski Championships in Morzine in which I participated recently), the Company attracts a diverse demographic which is pivotal to its success. As a Stationer, I benefit from engagement with professionals and entrepreneurs from a wide range of trades within the Content and Communication industries. Above all, it is a great deal of fun being part of this rather genial group."

Court Assistant l Jani Levänen  l  Head of Sales operations  l  Iron Mountain

Jani, who embodies the philosphy that the more you give to something the more you get out of it, talks here about the various roles he has had within the Company.  Click the image to view.


Freeman Laura Miller | Deputy Clerk |City of London's Chamberlain's Court

Here Laura talks about the wide range of social events held by the Comapny from the very grand and formal to those which are  less grand and great fun. Click the image to view.