The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


The Stationers’ Company stands out among the older Livery Companies in that by far the vast majority of our members are involved with the modern Communications and Content industries descended from the original trades which formed the guild in 1403.

The Communications and Content industries contribute over 6% of the UK's GDP.  As such they represent a vital part of the UK's economy, matching the contribution of the Financial Services sector.

Full membership by individuals is limited to 551 Liverymen, plus an unlimited number of Freemen.

What does “membership” mean?

Through the Stationers’ Company, members are offered a unique opportunity to further the interests of the sector we represent.  They can also meet with the many leaders of the industries we cover, network and enjoy socialising with those with a common interest in these industries (the Company holds many events each year to encourage networking and information exchange) and share in the life and traditions of the City of London.

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