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To apply for the Warrants Scheme, please read these notes and then click the link at the foot of the page for the application form. 

What is a Stationers’ Warrant?

The prestigious Stationers’ Company Warrant launched in 2014 and was established as a mark of recognition to highlight excellence within our industries. At a time when every business is  facing unprecedented challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, the Warrant for your product, product range or service provides a unique opportunity to showcase your quality offering and differentiate you from others in your Sector.


What does a Warrant reflect?

The Warrant is about recognising either a single product, a product range or service that meets the following criteria: 

  • Original design and interpretation
  • High quality manufacturing/production/digital techniques
  • Effective use of materials and attention to detail
  • Appropriate and sustainable packaging suitable for its method of sale
  • Environmental credentials and compliance with ethical trading guidelines
  • Relevance to its industry or market sector

Each application will be evaluated against the criteria above by our judging panel.


What are the benefits?

As well as being able to use the Stationers’ Warrant crest, you will also benefit from the extensive promotional and communications campaign from the Stationers’ Company across industry press and through an active PR campaign about the event and the recipients, as well as harnessing the Warrant for your own marketing.

Two representatives from successful recipients will be invited to an event hosted by the Stationers’ Company.


In 2021, the Stationers’ Company awarded 7 Warrants to:

  • Baddeley Brothers
  • Downey
  • Incontrol Marketing
  • The Jolly Savage Company
  • PrintIQ
  • Renz
  • Two Sides

And renewed Warrants for 2021 to:

  • Office Power
  • Brown Fox
  • Victor Stationery.


How can a Warrant be used?

The Warrant crest and badging can be used on the product itself, its packaging and to promote a single product, product range or service. It can also form part of marketing and promotional activity and professional letterhead and email. The Warrant applies to a single product, a product range or service - not to a company. A company can apply for Warrants for more than one product, product range or service.


Who can apply for a Warrant?

Any company, whether a member of the Stationers’ Company or not, that represents one of our industry sectors can apply. Our Industry Sectors cover:


Bookselling and Distribution

Digital Media & Software


Equipment Supplies and Print Machinery

Magazine Publishing

National Newspapers

Office Products



PR/Advertising/Marketing Communications


Stationery & Greeting Cards





 The Warrant is granted to a single product, product range or a service which does not need to be new to enter, but must denote quality.


What does it cost to apply?

If an application is successful, after shortlisting and completion of the judging process, there is a non-refundable fee as detailed in the attached Terms and Conditions for each product or service successfully presented with a Warrant. We would encourage you to approach us to discuss the suitability of your product, product range or service before you apply. 


How do I apply?


 Please complete your application by 30th November 2021. No applications will be considered after this date.

Alternatively, you can request an email copy of the Application form and the terms and conditions from the Chair of the Warrants’ Committee Mrs Chris Geer

Once completed please send your application form to: Mrs Chris Geer, Chair of Warrants’ Committee, Stationers' Offices, 3-4 Ave Maria Lane, London EC4M 7AQ.  If appropriate you should also send a product sample and any accompanying certifications or other materials that are relevant to support your application.


When will recipients be informed?

Successful recipients of the Stationers’ Company Warrants will be announced at the end of 2021. Presentations will be made at a Company event in the first quarter of 2022. The Warrant will be available to be used for the start of the calendar year and the formal certificate will be presented at the Company event.  There will be an opportunity to showcase the product or service that receives Warrant status, at a Stationers Company event.


How long does it last?

The Warrant is awarded for the calendar year. It can continue to be used in conjunction with promotion of the Product Range or Product or Service, providing reference is made to the year of being a Warrant holder.

A Company that has been awarded a Warrant can submit their product or service to have their Warrant renewed. Details of this process can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


Who sits on the judging panel?

Christine Geer, Chair, Warrants Committee

Carol Tullo, Chair, Industry Committee

Christopher Leonard-Morgan - Founder London Stationery Show

Doug Wills - Managing Editor of The Evening Standard / Independent

Amy Hutchinson - Chief Executive BOSS Federation

Henri Davis - Retail Advisor