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30 MARCH 2022

Work to restore the Stationers' Garden starts

The beautiful garden at Stationers' Hall has been rather ravaged by the building works.  It has been dug up by archaeologists, used as a storage depot by the Company and the builders, and generally trampled as huge bits of machinery and supplies have been moved through it.  But its rescue has started!

As the work began the much loved Camellia was surrounded by mayhem but looking glorious.  the gardeners began by clearing away leaves, weeds and building detritus.

Gradually order began to be restored and by day two  the bed around the large plane tree was looking much better and  


by the end of the day, although it was obvious that there is still a huge amount to do, the  lines of the garden and some of the plants  which we all recognise from  before the works started were  starting to show again.