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The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


All members of the Stationers’ Company under the age of 40, and holders of the Stationers’ Company bursaries and awards, are automatically considered Young Stationers.


The Young Stationers’ Committee, provides a forum for young people from the Communications and Content industries to meet both professionally and socially, to raise awareness of the activities of the Company amongst the Young Stationers, and to represent the needs and interests of the Young Stationers amongst the wider Company. The Young Stationers’ Committee is chaired by Rob Wilding, with other members representing all of the Company’s industry trades, including both bursary recipients and established young professionals.

Young Stationers’ Committee members also serve as representatives on others of the Company’s voluntary committees to provide input and insight into the Young Stationers’ activities and ideas, including the Membership Development Committee, the Livery Committee, the Industries Committee and the Marketing Advisory Committee.


There are many opportunities for Young Stationers’ to get involved with the wider life of the Company, Young Stationers’ are encouraged to participate in the interview process for Bursary Recipients and to act as mentors to both Bursary Recipients and students at the Crown Woods Academy. Young Stationers’ can volunteer to help out at Company events such as the Lord Mayor’s Day Parade lunch and the Open House London tours.


Regular social events, such as pub meet-ups and museum trips, as well as participating in Inter-Livery events such as the annual Young Livery Pub Quiz, as well as highlighting those events in the main Company calendar that will be of most interest to the Young Stationers, and ensuring a lively attendance of younger members.


For more information about our latest activities and events, please keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter, sent automatically to all Young Stationers’, and follow us on social.

Get in touch with the Committee by emailing – we’re always happy to hear from you!






The Young Stationers’ Committee also organise the annual Young Stationers’ Prize, which was first launched in 2014. The Prize is awarded to someone who represents the high ideals of excellence in any of the Communications and Content industries that make up the Company’s membership; further awards are made to outstanding applicants in each Industry sector. The Prize is awarded every summer at the Young Stationers’ Black Tie Dinner – an opportunity to come together and celebrate the achievements and potential of our peers! You can read more about the Prize here.

 Young Stationers prize