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The Queen's Bindery Apprenticeship, which began in Autumn 2016, is the only bindery apprenticeship available in the UK and the first since the 1970s.

Apprentices will gain unparalleled experience working in the Royal Bindery at Windsor and external workshops, acquiring a broad range of bookbinding skills, including fine leather binding, edge-gilding and gold finishing, which may otherwise be lost for ever. City & Guilds qualifications will be received upon completion of the five-year training programme.

The scheme is supported by eight charity Founding Partners: Royal Collection Trust, Antiquarian Booksellers Association, City & Guilds of London Institute, The Clothworkers' Company, The Leathersellers' Company, The Printing Charity, Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and The Stationers' Company. In addition, there are three Skills & Industry Partners who will benefit from employing the apprentices and contribute to costs: The Royal Bindery, Blissett Bookbinders and Shepherds, Sangorski & Sutcliffe.

February 2020

Report of the third year of the Queen's Bindery Apprenticeship Scheme


This report is writen by the Queen's Bindery Apprentices.  It is a fantastic overview of their year.


July 2019

Martin Frost’s Visit to Windsor Castle

Martin Frost’s Visit to Windsor Castle

16 JULY 2019

First year apprentice, Andreas Maroulis writes:

The world of books is related to many professions. Traditionally a book would be made by many different craftsmen, each one specialising in a particular skill, such as gold tooling. Some of these crafts almost disappeared after the industrial revolution. However, there are still some exceptional craftsmen, the last of their kind, like Martin Frost who is the only full time book fore-edge painter left in the UK.

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