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New Members' Evening 2021 - 22 February

New Members' Evening 2021 - 22 February

Monday, 22 February 2021
New Members' Evening

We have moved the date of the forthcoming New Members’ Evening from 15 February to 22 February.  It will take place from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm and it will of course happen via Zoom.  Please make sure that you have changed this in your diaries especially if you had been intending to invite a colleague, contact or member of your family to attend.
I hope that you won’t feel that because the Hall is being re-developed or because the pandemic regulations don’t currently allow members to get together that there is no point in bringing new members into the Company.  In fact this is a very exciting time to become a member.  Firstly, throughout the pandemic the Company has added to its repertoire of events using technology such as Zoom and no doubt this sort of event will remain a feature of Company life once we all get back to 'normal', providing an even wider range of events to attend in one way or another.  In addition the Hall redevelopment project offers the prospect of an amazing Hall  in which to experience Company events.   
Please do think who amongst your contacts would relish the chance to be a member at this exciting time  and invite them to attend the New Members’ Evening on 22 February via Zoom.  Please email Lucie McCord with their name and email address and she will make sure that you and they  get the Zoom link to register for the event.