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LivCom Clubland's Hidden Treasures Talk given by Rev'd Sam Aldred - 21 April 2021

LivCom Clubland's Hidden Treasures Talk given by Rev'd Sam Aldred - 21 April 2021

Wednesday, 21 April 2021
LivCom off-site

When - Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 6pm
Duration -1 hour
Your Livery Committee is delighted to invite you to join us and find out:
Who gave the Caledonian Club a snuff box made from a taxidermied ram’s head?
Why is there a suit of armour in the bar of the East India?
What is Napoleon’s death mask doing in the library of Brooks’s?
Clubland’s Hidden Treasures explores the incredible collection of art and artefacts inside Britain’s most exclusive clubs.
Written by theRev’d Sam Aldred  dubbed “the Vicar of Vice” by Idler magazine this is a richly illustrated and riotously funny peek inside a world populated by princes and prostitutes, prime ministers and prize pigs!
Whilst some of these objects are treasures in the literal sense such as paintings by Edward Millais and Sir Joshua Reynolds others are more… peculiar. There is an axe wielded by a prime minister, a decoupage folding screen made in prison, and a section of a Georgian water pipe on which Voltaire saw fit to comment.
Behind every item there is a tale worth telling!
Sam Aldred was educated at Oxford. He worked as a perfume salesman in Kazakhstan and a schoolmaster in Brighton before entering the Church. A keen joiner, Sam is a member of as many clubs and societies as will have him, and has founded a couple of his own. Sam has written articles on clubs, Central Asia, boarding schools, and cocktail recipes in a variety of obscure publications. Clubland's Hidden Treasures is his first full length book.
We hope you can drop in and join us at 6.00 pm, with a glass in hand, for what will be a excellent evening. For those unable to join on the day, we will be recording the event and the link will be published on our website.