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LivCom Museum of the Book - 9 March 2023

LivCom Museum of the Book - 9 March 2023

Thursday, 9 March 2023
LivCom off-site

Stationers are invited to attend a private viewing of the Museum of The Book in Limehouse conducted by its director, David Smith.

The Museum of The Book is home to a world class collection of original ancient manuscript and printed Bibles. David came to London in the early 1970s as part of missionary work in the Baptist church, and over the years has collected one of the finest Bible collections in the world, and many other associated treasures.

Manuscripts date from 4000 BC to AD 1600 and are written in more than 20 languages including Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English.

Highlights include a copy of the Wicked Bible, infamously created by fellow Stationer Robert Barker, as well as ancient copies of the Scriptures, some on clay tablets, others on papyri, and still others on leather. Also featured are unusual bibles such as the "buggs bible", the "breeches bible", the "unrighteous bible", and the "killer bible". All are written or printed on a variety of materials including stone, pottery, parchment, skins, vellum, papyrus, metal and paper.

In addition the unique collection includes the Bibles of Charles Darwin's wife, Elvis Presley, TS Eliot, Reggie Kray and William Wilberforce. Many others are on display and David has promised to bring out some extra special items of interest to Stationers in particular.

The group is restricted to 20 people so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Tickets: £30

When: Thursday, 9 March 2023. Meet by Limehouse DLR station at 1.45 PM to be at the museum for 2.00 PM.

Address: Museum of The Book, 70 Salmon Lane, London, UK E14 7PQ

How to book: Please email Dave Rosewell, the Livery Committee Treasurer on