The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


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Qualifying occupations in the trades of our Guild

Candidates for admission by Redemption must be serving or, if retired, have served in one of the categories listed below. Please tick one box from one category.

If you change your occupation at any time between the date of application and the date of your admission to the Freedom, you must inform the Communications Manager, who will make the necessary change to this form. However, if your new occupation falls outside our industries, you may no longer be eligible for membership and your application will terminate.

Category A Those engaged in the following activities

Category B Those engaged in the manufacture and/or sales of consumables or machinery which support the activities listed in Category A, being either:

Category C Those engaged in the provision of services that directly support the activities listed in Category A above, being one of the following:

Category D

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The Company produces Stationers' News and promotes its events to members via a mailing three times a year. How would you like us to send these communications to you?

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