The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


30 JUNE 2022

Apprentices Bound and made Free - 29 June 2022

At meeting of the Court held at Apothecaries’ Hall on 29 June 2022 the Master bound five apprentices and made eight who had completed their apprenticeships Free of the Company.

Five apprentices were bound to masters as follows:

To Liveryman Peter Day – Emma Loffhagen of the London Evening Standard
To Court Assistant Carol Tullo OBE - Diane Jones and Alexandra Neale both of Pearson
To Past Master Helen Esmonde – Mina Gohari and Alexander McEvity both of Pearson.

Apprentices bound on 29 June 2022 with the Master

From L-R: Diane jones, Emma Loffhagen, Alexander McEvity, the Master Mina Gohari and Alexandra Neale

This was a superb way for the Company to mark the end of the Apprentice Futures event coverage of which is to follow.

A Freedom Ceremony for apprentices who had successfully completed their apprenticeship followed the Binding Ceremony and the following were made Free of the Company:

Rebecca Davidson - Portfolio Marketing Manager (Primary), Pearson
Chris Hughes – Knowledge Base & Content Specialist, Pearson, 
Manos Kapterian – COO, Said Business School
Megan Kitts - Content and Learning Specialist, Pearson
Emma Loffhagen – Reporter and Features Writer – London Evening Standard
Alexandra Neale – Digital Learning Platform Analyst - Pearson
Jonathan Price – Media Producer, Pearson
Matt Stockl – Bookbinder, Royal Collection Trust

Apprentices who were made Free on 29 June 2022

From L-R: Alexandra Neale, the Master, Rebecca Davidson, Manos Kapterian, Megan Kitts, Chris Hughes, Jonathan Price,
Matt Stockl and Emma Loffhagen

The ceremonies were followed by a short drinks reception in the courtyard.