The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


23 FEBRUARY 2023

Cakes and Ale - Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday, 21 February was Shrove Tuesday and as usual the Company marked the imminent start of Lent with a service at St Faith's Chapel, St Paul's Cathedral  followed by Cakes  and Ale back at Stationers' Hall as provided for in the will of Past Master John Norton .

At 11 o'clock the Beadle started the procession of the Court which made its way across to the Cathedral  followed by members of the Company and their guests.

The Beadle leads the Shrove Tuesday procession from Stationers' Hall to St Paul's  

The choir for the service came from Wisbech Gammar School, the school which the Master attended and to which boys from the Stationers' School were evacuated during the war, and the Rt Hon. the Lord Boateng was the preacher.  For those who were unable to attend, his sermon can be read by clicking here.  There is a super piece (with pictures) on the Wisbech Grammar School website about their visit which you can read here.

After the service a wonderful buffet was served at Stationers' Hall  to members, their guests and guests of the Company  which included many widows, and widowers of deceased members. 

As tradition dictates the Lord Boateng was presented by the Master with his fee for preaching which was a framed 10 shilling note.

the Master presents the Right Hon the Lord Boateng with his ten shillings

The Clerk also received his reward, a hotcross bun, the thirteenth in the batch, in the past the other twelve would have been  given to feeding twelve poor of the Company.

The Master presents the clerk with the vantage bun at Cakes & Ales 2023


Main Photo - The procession approaches St Paul's through Temple Bar Gateway