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LivCom Literary Event  21 January 2021 - Liveryman Peter Day talks to Freeman Angela Clarke

This is the  latest in our series of literary cocktail parties and it saw over 80 attendees, including pupils of Stationers' Crown Woods Academy plus students from other establishments, tune in to watch Liveryman Peter Day in conversation with best-selling author and former Young Stationer of the Year, Angela Clarke.  They spoke about both her life and her writing. 

Livery Committee Chairman Mike James, who  welcomed everyone to the evening, said that it was a delight that Angela was at last our guest .  She had originally been scheduled to speak at  a lunch in  March 2020 which had to be postponed due to Covid.

Angela, our  “Young Stationer of the Year” in 2015,  spoke to Peter about her career as an author, playwright and influencer and also about her health problems and how they had impacted on her very busy life. She  gave us insights into how she wrote compelling, page- turner novels and revealed the surprising lack of control she had over both cover designs and, most astonishingly, even the titles.   The fact that more paperbacks are sold in supermarkets than even through Amazon had a massive impact on the decisions of publishers about these things.

Peter asked about On My Life which is Angela’s latest novel and her motivation for writing such an absorbing and moving read.  She recounted the huge amount of research undertaken while spending time working with the prison service and with female inmates. It has certainly resulted in a very powerful read.

We look forward to Angela’s next book ( which she admits is taking longer than anticipated) but in the meantime she is working on a BBC play and we will advise members when this will be shown.

Angela's book On My Life can be bought through the office (please email Lucie McCord on The book costs £7.99. Angela and Mike James were pictured in the old office in September 2020 signing her books as you can see from the main picture.

If you enjoyed this event do register to attend the next in the series on 18 February when Peter Day will be holding a Q&A session with Court Assistant Doug Wills. You can find out more and register to attend here.

The photo at the top of the page shows Angela signing copies of her books.