The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


6 APRIL 2021

LivCom's Literary Evening on 30 March 2021

On Tuesday, 30 March Freeman Nina-Sophia Miralles was our Cocktail Hour guest. Mike James, in introducing Nina emphasised the talent amongst the ever growing number of Young Stationers and how important they are to the future of the Stationers Company.


Nina’s conversation with Peter Day, about her just published and highly-acclaimed book entitled “Glossy” covering the steamy history of Vogue was an absolute joy for all those who attended the evening. We heard about the amazing and mostly controversial characters that have been involved in the magazine since its birth in the 1880’s and the impact that Vogue has had on the fashion world with its innovative approach to advertising and cultural fashion.

Nina’s own life over the past year has also been interesting as not only has she had her first book published but has also married and had a baby, whilst maintaining publication of her online magazine “Londonr”.

To watch the discussion click the image below.