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13 APRIL 2023

London Press Club - Hugh Cudlipp Memorial Lecture - 26 April 2023

Court Assistant Doug Wills calls to attention The 2023 Hugh Cudlipp Memorial Lecture.

The lecture, hosted by the London Press Club and supported by the Daily Mirror, will address 'The Battle for the Truth. Hard choices on the frontline with the Kyiv Independent.’ 

A champion of independent journalism in war torn Ukraine, Olga Rudenko, editor-in-chief of the Kyiv Independent, will give this year's Cudlipp Lecture in the Court Room at Stationers' Hall, starting at 6.30pm on 26 April 2023. 

At a time where journalism worldwide is under attack from misinformation and censorship, often at the hands of the State, Ms Rudenko has been a torch-bearer for free speech and independent reporting throughout the year-long invasion of Ukraine by Putin's Russia. 

Ms Rudenko, who was nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize and winner of the Women of Europe award in the Women in Action category in December, said: 

"The experience of being a journalist in Ukraine as my country has been fighting for its survival has put to test everything I knew about journalism. It made me ask myself hard questions and be brutally honest with myself when looking for answers. I am grateful to have a chance to share my insights from this year via the Hugh Cudlipp Lecture."

Alison Phillips, editor of the Daily Mirror and chair of the Cudlipp Trust, said:

"We are delight Olga has agreed to give the Cudlipp lecture this year. We look forward to hearing her on the ground insight into the importance of high-quality journalism during a time of war against an aggressor which refuses to accept freedom of the press."

Doug Wills, chair of the London Press Club, said: 

"The Press Club is proud and excited at the prospect of hearing from Olga, an editor who is on the journalistic front line of a devastating war that has monopolised the news agenda. We are grateful to Olga for agreeing to present the prestigious Cudlipp lecture."

Tickets for the Cudlipp Lecture, including a post-lecture drinks reception, are £10 (including VAT) and available here. Ten percent of the ticket price venue will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

Spaces are limited. A small number of free tickets are available for accredited journalism students - email to apply.