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The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


27 JULY 2021

The Georgian Society Archive

Freeman Ian Mansfield has let us know that the Georgian Society publishes a regular magazine, and are now putting their archive online. They've just added the 2018 editions, and they published a long article about Livery Halls being rebuilt after the Great Fire of London - including Stationers' Hall, which might be of interest.  Click here to read.

The picture of the Great Fire of London at the top of this piece is from Wikimedia Commons  where it is decribed as follows:

"This painting shows the great fire of London as seen from a boat in vicinity of Tower Wharf. The painting depicts Old London Bridge, various houses, a drawbridge and wooden parapet, the churches of St Dunstan-in-the-West and St Bride's, All Hallow's the Great, Old St Paul's, St Magnus the Martyr, St Lawrence Pountney, St Mary-le-Bow, St Dunstan-in-the East and Tower of London. The painting is in the [style] of the Dutch School and is not dated or signed."