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28 JUNE 2023

Two Stationers meet at a Dr Who convention

News in from Freeman Derwin Mak about how he met a fellow Stationer,  FreemanTony Lee, at a Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles,  on 17February 2023.

Derwin and Tony, both of whom write, amongst other things, science fiction,  were on Zoom last night with a small number of writers who, under the aegis of Sector Champion Court Assistant Doug Wills and Champion of Champions Court Assistant Betine Pellant, were brought together to chat about membership and other topics of interest to writers.  During the discussion it emerged that Derwin and Tony had both been at the Dr Who convention, met up and took the photo above in which Tony is on the left and Derwin on the right.  We wonder in what other extraordinary places Stationers' News has been read!