The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


3 AUGUST 2023

Yorkshire Day

On 1 August the Master and several members of the Company made their way to Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham to celebrate Yorkshire Day.  

Liveryman Robert McClements reports.

There was a good showing of Stationers at the BPIF annual Yorkshire Day Celebrations on 1st August at the stunning Bowcliffe Hall, Blackburn Wing. The Master, Tony Mash, was the guest speaker and he entertained the audience of over 50 guests with anecdotes and a spot of very informative publicity about the Company. He emphasised the common sense of purpose shared by the BPIF and the Stationers’ Company. Guests included Past Master Robert Flather and his wife Sue. Liveryman Richard Walker recently retired Managing Director of Harlow Printing, was presented with a poignant retirement gift from Liveryman, Robert McClements, who organised the event. A vice for his hobbycraft, some golf balls and a reminder of his management style.

The celebrations included the presentation of certificates to finalists in the Victor Watson Trophy by Victor’s brother John Watson OBE.

The event was in association with Stationer’s Company and was sponsored by Adare SEC in collaboration with BOSS and Pimento.

Northern Stationers meet quarterly at Bowcliffe Hall, usually for a breakfast meeting. Any member of the company interested in attending should contact Robert McClements –