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'Shakespeare and the Stationers' Virtual Tour given by Freeman Ian Fagelson

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

'Shakespeare and the Stationers’ tour given by Freeman Ian Fagelson
Wednesday 9 December 2020 - 6PM
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430 years ago, the young William Shakespeare left his wife and children in Stratford to start a new life in London. Rising from obscurity to su­perstar, he cut a swathe through London society, attracting admirers, lawsuits, critics and the odd begging letter. In his early life in London, he lived in rented accommodation and got into trouble for not paying his taxes. By the end of his life, he owned property in fashionable Blackfriars. On our virtual walk in Shakespeare’s footsteps, we will visit the places he lived and worked in, taking in some of the most beautiful sites in the City. Along the way, we will meet Stationers who played significant roles in the inspiration and publication of his work.

Our guide will be Ian Fagelson, lawyer, historian, City of London tour guide and Stationer! As Ian puts it, after serving more than 35 years as a lawyer he got time off for good behaviour and decided to do some­thing interesting instead and studied history at University College Lon­don which led to his qualification as a guide in the Cities of London and Westminster. His tours are universally rated as ‘excellent’ on TripAdvisor.

'Shakespeare and the Stationers' Virtual Tour given by Freeman Ian Fagelson