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Is there a place for handwriting in a digital age?

Monday, 23 October 2023

In association with Manuscript Pen Company

Writing by hand faces as big a threat today from new media and technology as manuscript writers did over 500 years ago when William Caxton introduced printing to England.

The world is full of stationery lovers and users, but some commentators claim that ‘no one writes by hand any more’, and that letter writing and card sending are in serious decline. World population and literacy levels are rising but so are postage costs, and steeply in the UK, while delivery times and service levels are falling. All this is happening at a time of ever increasing
digital communication.

It is an emotive subject with major implications for many including schools and teachers, printers and publishers, and retailers and suppliers of greeting cards, writing and paper products.

What are the facts?
What are the trends, and the threats?
What does the future hold?
Does being able to write by hand matter anymore?

A panel of industry leaders will share their knowledge and views at this important event which will take place at the magnificent 350 years old Stationers’ Hall. It will also be live

It will separate the myths from the facts, and provide attendees with valuable insights and pointers to the way ahead.
Save the date now and the panellists will be announced in the near future.

6.30 PM     Drinks and Networking
7.00 PM     Presentations and discussions
8.30 PM     Buffet, Drinks and networking
9.30 PM     Event Ends
£30 Stationers' Company Members

£35 Non Members

£10 Virtual

Dress code: Relaxed Business Attire

Is there a place for handwriting in a digital age?