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6 JANUARY 2022

2022 Summer schools at the Institute of English Studies

After the turmoil of the last couple of years, you may be wary of making travel plans for next summer. But you can still expand your horizons, with these exciting summer schools run by the University of London's Insitute of English Studies.

The London Rare Books School offers a variety of courses on the history of the book. Two of these courses - The Printed Book in Europe 1455-2020 and The Early Modern Book in England - will include workshops held in our own historic Tokefield Centre, a seventeenth-century book warehouse attached to Stationers' Hall, now repurposed to hold the Stationers' Company Archive. Courses run for five days. Further information is available here:

If you want to learn how to decipher medieval manuscripts, or fancy illuminating your own bestiary animal in gold leaf, the London International Paleography School is the place to go. Courses range from one to five days in length. Find out more at

And, if you'd prefer not to commit to an in-person course, both the London Rare Books School and the London International Paleography School include online learning options in their summer schools.