The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


1 JULY 2021

Charter Dinner 2021

A somewhat belated, and much reduced (in-line with Covid restrictions) Charter Dinner took place  on 23 June at Butchers' Hall.  

This dinner usually takes place in May to mark the anniversary of the granting of the Company's royal  charter.  As the Covid regulations were not lifted on 21 June, as had been hoped, it was a somewhat restricted yet joyous event.  Careful advance planning  by the Clerk, Beadle and Events Manager and  stewarding by the Renter Wardens ensured the smooth running of the evening. Incidentally the team of four  Renter Wardens from 2020-2021 (when there was almost nothing for them to do)  are kindly extending their term of office and three of them can be seen in the photo being briefed by the Beadle and the Clerk.

(From L to R The Beadle, Tim Webb (back to camera) Matthew Payne,
Chris Smith and the Clerk) 

The Master, resplendent in his full regalia for one of very few occasions when it has been possible for him  to wear it, welcomed as the speakerMike Wooldridge OBE who, in his career  as a journalist, 


 covered many momentous events in Africa , Asia and also in the Middle East including conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Lebanon and who was the BBC’s Religious Affairs correspondent for six years. 

It is traditional for the Under Warden to deliver the first of the many speeches that will be required over the course of the three years as Under and Upper Warden and then Master and accordingly Moira Sleight addressed the gathering.

Let's hope that by the time the Company marks the Charter's anniversary in 2022 normal service has been resumed but meanwhile we can be grateful that  some celebration is now permitted!


Photos by David Jones Photography