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10 MARCH 2020

Infection control at Stationers' Hall 1625 and 2020

Coronavirus is not the first instance of an infection having an impact on life at Stationers' Hall!  Read the Deputy Clerk's Message about current policy then see how the Court reacted back in 1625!   

In response to the increasing number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK, we are following the advice given by the Government, which can be found at the following link:

Coronavirus COVID-19: Latest Information and Advice

At this moment in time, we do not plan to cancel Company events and we are monitoring daily the guidelines given by Government.

Please be reassured that we are taking additional measures where we can:

  1. Hand-sanitiser stations are readily available at the Hall entrances
  2. We will not be partaking in the Loving Cup ceremony until further notice
  3. Under the circumstances, when meeting in the Hall it is perfectly acceptable and polite not to shake hands or kiss.

If you have booked tickets for an event at the Hall which is not cancelled and decide not to come, the usual cancelation policy applies (i.e. no refund within 7 days of the event). However, if we ever had to cancel an event as a result of coronavirus, you will, of course, be given a full refund.

This translates as we will carry on with some adjustments until the Government advises otherwise.

Back in 1625 when the plague was ravaging London the mayor wrote to the Company. 

He said (roughly transcribed):

“Whereas there is a vaine and riotous Custome of late taken up of meeting of Countrye men of several shires and counties of this Realme at halles and tavernes within the Cittye, which meetings doe occasion much vaine expense of money and many times by men that can hardly spare the same, for prevention of which said meetings …[we] require you that you forbeare heareafter, especially in these times of God’s visitations with the contagious sickness of the plague, to permit and suffer your Companye's Hall to be lett out or used for any such meeting. Whereof I require you not to faile this 10th day of June 1625”

His  message  was recorded in Liber A and a photo of it is shown.