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The Stationers' Company
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30 OCTOBER 2020

New Apprentices  Bound and  those who have completed their Apprenticeships made Free

On Thursday 22 October at 2.00 pm Stationers’ Hall should have been filled with people gathered to witness the binding of seven new apprentices from Pearson and one from the Evening Standard and the Freedom Ceremony for 11 apprentices from Pearson and the Evening Standard all of whom have successfully completed their apprenticeships.  Sadly, the Covid-19 situation prevented this.

Instead, members of the Court of Assistants of the Stationers’ Company, the Apprentices, their Masters, the new Freemen and their sponsors, colleagues and guests came together via Zoom and ceremonies some six hundred years old were licked into twenty-first century shape.  While everyone there would have much preferred to be together under one roof, the Zoom gathering was a great celebration of the hard work of these apprentices and we congratulate the following:- 

Manos Kapterian, Jonathan Price, Megan Kitts, Chris Hughes, Adrian Lloyd-Brown, Steven Walker and Jack Ward all from Pearson and Abbianca Makoni from the Evening Standard, on being bound as apprentices.

We also congratulate Jack Ward, Cameron Briggs, William Cronk, Leah Hopkinson, Simon Lodge, Alix Long, Zoe Mair, Poppy Marks, Kenneth O’Connor and Lauren Smithers all from Pearson and Abbianca Makoni of the Evening Standard on being made Free of the Company and we wish them well in their future careers.

The ceremony was very different and yet Zoom carried it off rather well.  Click on the image below to view it for yourself.



The photo at the top of the page shows a screen grab from the recording of the ceremony.